Tesla Model 3 - READY TO ORDER at sticker Price, delivery within 3-6 weeks.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Tesla
Model: Other
Year: 1900
Mileage: 350
VIN: 5YJ3E1EAXHF000316
Fuel: Electric
Vehicle Title: Clear

1900 Tesla Other

Your NEW Tesla Model 3 is ready to order today!
Delivery in 3-6 weeks.
You will pay exactly what thetotalsticker price isas you configure the vehicle plus the ending amount of this auction.
I will take deliveryat the Tesla dealershipin either Atlanta, Ga or Nashville, TN, you will be welcome to join in on this event!This is within easy driving distance for me in Birmingham, AL. I will then drive the vehicle to Birmingham, AL to be registered (vehicle must be physically present in Alabama for registration). If you are unable to join me to take delivery from Tesla in Atlanta, Ga or Nashville, TN and drive back to register in Alabama, then it will be the buyers responsibility to arrangefor pickup and transportation from Birmingham, AL 35223.

  • Payment of auctionamount is due within 3 days of auction close. This amount does NOT apply towards the sale amount of the vehicle.
  • Within 3 days of auction close adeposit of $3,500 is due; this amount will apply towards the sale price of the vehicle.
  • Payment of all remaining balance due will be required at time of pickup, within 7 days of me picking up the vehicle from the Tesla showroom.
  • Example of Payments;If the auction goes for $3,600 and you spec out the car to be $57,500 your total price will be $61,000.You will pay $3,600 the day the auction closes, then you will pay $3,500 deposit within 3 days, then the balance of $54,000 due upon picking up the car.
    Terms:Vehicle will be initially titled and registered in my name (so I can take advantage of the federal tax credit), and then sold to you as a used vehicle. I will pay sales tax, title and registration fees in Alabama. You will NOT be eligible for federal tax credits as the vehicle will technically be used.Thebuyer and seller will execute a purchase agreement detailingthe options selected by the buyer for the Model 3 as well as delivery and paymentterms. The amount this auction ends up being, and payment of this amount due within 3 days of auction close, is outside the scope of the purchase agreement, it simply gives you the right to enter into the purchase agreement to configure and purchase the vehicle to your specifications.Please contact me for a copy of the purchase agreement and make sure it is satisfactory to you prior to bidding on this auction!

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