New Tesla Model 3 Long Range Premium (configure/build as you want it)

US $6,000.00
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San Jose, California, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Tesla
Model: Model 3
Year: 2018
Mileage: 1
VIN: 5YJSA4H20FFP73029
Engine: Electric
Fuel: Electric
Vehicle Title: Clear

2018 Tesla Model 3

This is your opportunity to get the new Tesla Model 3 without waiting 7 - 9 months, maybe longer.
Basically this is the most technologically advance production car in the world. Vin# listed is not actual vin # of the vehicle. I needed to enter something to post this listing. Vin # will be available after final configuration.
Winning bidder will make initial $1500 deposit payable to me and the remaining payment payable within 14 days. I will give you a notarized receipt and anything else reasonable that will make you feel safe and secure of your investment. Transaction can be completed at a local Credit Union for our safety and security.

My reservation was made on the first day reservation opened and I expect an invitation to configure the Model 3 within a couple weeks to make the build. Purchaser (winning bidder) to provide details to configure their exact new vehicle desired with Tesla. We can do this together online. As required by Tesla, the purchaser (winning bidder) will make a deposit of $3500 to make this final configuration with Tesla. In addition, we will put both our names on the title of the vehicle with your physical address on registration, this is also where the vehicle can be delivered. The reason is because Tesla will not allow transfer of reservation. You are the first owner so should be able to claim the $7500 Fed tax credit* (first 200K vehicles from Telsa) and also the $2500 CA EV credit*. Most importantly you will not have to wait 8-9 months maybe longer to own this vehicle. Please seek professional tax advice*.
Once vehicle and title is delivered to you, we can complete a CA DMV Reg 262 to remove me off the title at a local Credit Union or local AAA office. We can definitely work out all the details so that both parties are satisfied.
Per Tesla, the purchase cost is $62209 including tax based on Santa Clara county sales tax*. See below for cost break down with specs (Color is black - extra $1000 for a different color), obviously final price will depend on desired options you selected.
Given the delays, the ideal buyer is someone not willing to wait nearly a year for this vehicle and lives in the Bay Area with funds ready for purchase. Per Tesla, you can pay full price at final configuration or at vehicle pick up or delivery. If you don't have the money, go get funding now at a local credit union or bank for an auto loan, there is still time but not much.
NOTE: Winner of this ebay listing is not getting the Tesla but the right to purchase and own the Tesla Model 3 in about 2 months at full Tesla purchase cost. Purchaser will be responsible for all tax and licensing fees and pick up and delivery cost if any
I have already deposit $1000.00 for the initial Tesla Model 3 reservation, this will be owed back to me at final pickup/delivery date.
Cost Price by Tesla maybe be different depending on your configuration

Cost Per Tesla

Cash Price

standard range




19" sport wheels


LR battery


premium updgrade


enhanced AP


full self driving





Doc Fee






Tot Cash


Govt Fees









Fed Tax Credit *


CA EV Rebate *



* Seek professional tax advice, asitcan be different for each individual and residential area.

Per Tesla:
All options cost is approximately $67000
Based model at lowest price is approx $42000

Calculated based on Santa Clara County Sales Tax @ 9.25%

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