1988 Suzuki Samurai 4x4 Crawler

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Fischer, Texas, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Suzuki
Model: Samurai
Year: 1988
Mileage: 100,000
VIN: JS4JC51V1J4150936
Color: White
Engine: Stock
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear

1988 Suzuki Samurai

For sale is a 1988 Suzuki Samurai 4x4, greatly modified for off-road and crawling. I’ve only towed it and used it off-road, but it appears to me it could be made road-worthy as is. I do not have the actual mileage, however, it has been towed for most of its life. I’ve never used the A/C and do not know whether it is operational. It runs great, starts every time and is a lot of fun. The "Two Wheel Low Option" is very unique and useful. There is slight rust around the battery shelf, but otherwise very solid. Aftermarket parts list: 1. 3" body lift 2. Drop Pittman arm to cure "bump steer" 3. Re worked steering wedges for proper "steering camber" 4. Rough Country heavy duty springs. 5. Neoprene shackle inserts. 6. Differential trusses with pumpkin hats. 7. Lock Rite lockers in both differentials. 8. Petroworks gear reduction kit installed in transfer case with "Two Wheel Low Option" 12% high range reduction and 40 or 50% low range reduction. 9. Roll Cage 10. 2" offset steel wheels. 11. Ironman All Country M/T 31x1.5" Tires. 12. Custom pipe bumpers. 13. Acme Fiberglass top. 14. All synthetic grease Mobile 1 15. Mobile 1 oil 10w30 16. Redline Radiator coolant. 17. Hooker Stainless steel header 18. K&N air filter 19. Aftermarket shocks 20. Rear Seat (included, not bolted-in)
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