1994 Saab 900 Classic convertible Convertible Daily Driver Restoration New Paint

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Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Saab
Model: 900
SubModel: 900
Type: Convertible
Year: 1994
Mileage: 156000
VIN: YS3AL76L2R7000603
Color: Black
Engine: 4 cylinder
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear

1994 Saab 900

1994 Saab c900 Convertible

VIN#: YS3AL76L2R7000603

Mileage: 159,267

Update on listing, orginal buyer had a financial issue and was not able to complete transaction. Listed for the same price and since then I have replaced the starter and installed a new stereo. I just took it for a 5 mile drive, runs, idles, shifts, brakes, no issues, no fluid leaks. Pleasure to drive.



This 1994 Saab classic 900 is that last year of the classic Saab 900s ever built and with that comes the most HP ever offered for the classic 900. I purchased the car as a project car specifically because to had no body rot and very little surface rust. With that said on the mechanic side of things the 900 needed a complete overhaul. The previous owners used this Saab as a summer driver which is apparent by the lack of rust (very common on the East Coast of the United States).

Looking over the VIN history you can see the car had several owners and this reflects the VIN score, This in return affects the overall “score” for the condition of the Saab. The potential buyer should feel confident that using this score for this classic is not a valid facet of the overall condition.

Note to potential buyers, as someone who purchased two classics from Ebay (E36 BMW and a Porsche 944S2) I know how frustrating it is when people mislead you on the condition of a classic and or try and hide potential problems and blemishes. As you read through this listing please keep in mind I will cover every part of this classic (I have done all the work myself) minus the paint and body work.

With that said I did not modify the photos, I simply washed the car off with water and vacuumed the interior.

Body: The body is for the most part rust free, I pulled almost every part of this 900 apart, replacing and restoring. I found some surface rust on some suspension components, inside the passenger door and these issues were addressed. The body had some minor scratches and a crease along the passenger rear quarter panel which was addressed during the body/paint work. The bumpers were faded and the chrome trim was broken and falling off, the bumpers were sanded and repainted. I chose not to replace the chrome trim, however the trim can be added by the potential buyer. The body trim (some SPG panels) are held on by zip ties, I find this to be a better solution as it does not scratch the paint and is more reliable than the original metal fasteners. This also make removing and reinstalling a much easier process.

Engine: The engine started out as a 2.0 turbo (OE) engine found in the classic 900 turbo and was accompanied by a 3 speed Auto transmission. The engine is in excellent condition and will come with the car along with a rebuilt 3 speed trans. After doing all the mechanic restoration I drove the car a few miles and decided the 3 speed auto was well, really not great. After some searching (a lot of searching) I found a rebuilt 2.1 engine and transmission from a 1993 Saab 900 and added a turbo (runs and drives beautifully). This engine is the last generation of the classic Saab 900 engines as well as the last generation of the 5-speed transmission.

Additional notes: Alternator, PS Pump, PS rack, Hoses, heater, belts, wiring, spark plugs, all oils, all fluids, new radiator and all other components that needed to be replaced. The cooling fan is linked to the AC button as this is the best option for the classic 900 to prevent overheating, one push of the button and the cooling fan is on, no need to worry about overheating issues.

Transmission: Rebuilt 5 speed (Shift beautifully) unlike the 3 speed auto, you have the luxury of 70 mph on the freeway at 2200 RPMs.

Interior: The interior started out beige, every part of the interior was removed and cleaned, repaired and reinstalled (some painted using VHT interior paint). The door cards are recovered in VW GTI plaid, the seats are from a VW as well. Originally I was going to have the OE seats redone but the upholster who had the seats left them outside and they were ruined. The VW seats are a direct bolt-in and the potential buyer can replace these seats with the OEM seats with little effort.

Suspension: The suspension is completely redone, new shocks, new bushings, etc. The rear has KYB and the front is Monroe. Originally I tried KYB and Bilstein in the front (both were too stiff for a nice ride)

Ball Joint, control arms, etc all replaced

Brakes: Brakes were completely overhauled, front brake calipers, rotors, pads, all replaced, rear, the calipers were replaced with used (refurbished), new brake pads, etc. The E-brake was lube and adjusted (The only issue I have had is if the e-brake is pulled too high it might not always release on the first try, I believe the release spring on the rear caliper could be replaced) The brake system works as intended with ABS functioning correctly (I replaced the accumulator and pump motor as a precaution) both were original to the car.

Electrical. I also have a new brake master cylinder as a backup, this will come with the car.

Paint: The paint color was changed from Citron Beige to Black, all body panels, trim, lights, door panels etc were removed so the paint is consistent and looks professional, the paint used is a high quality, multi stage paint that will hold up for a long time. The paint is new and will need a wet sand at some point if the potential buyer wants a show quality shine. All body work was addressed as well and I have not reinstalled the emblems as to give the buyer the option. The door jams, trunk jams, etc were all painted using a flat black anti corrosive paint, the only area where the beige is visible is the underside of the hood and parts of the engine compartment. Note: I am in the process of cleaning up the paint dust from the engine compartment.

Convertible top: The top was replaced with a used top from a donor car and is in excellent condition, the top goes up and down without any issues and has been cleaned, lubed and painted (The black metal components) were needed. The headliner is clean and has no signs of wear, the glass is in good condition as well and the defroster for the rear window is connected.

Other side notes: AC system has been removed (I find these to be more trouble than they are worth) The wiring harness for the radio is tucked behind the OE equalizer (all new speakers installed), dash is really nice, one small crack, the boost gauge, trans temp and oil temp gauges are all connected. The trans and oil temp gauges are hard wired but will require temp sensors (I will include them with the car) The trans has an adapter in place for the temp sensor, the engine oil drain plug will need to be replaced with the temp sensor. These of course are options for the potential buyer. Comes with owners manual and two keys, one key for the doors and trunk and one for the ignition.

It is my hope that someone will buy this classic 900 and bring it to the next level of amazing. You can make this a fun summer ride bring it to car shows, etc. My vision was to make it look mean and modern. With the turbo engine you never have an issue keeping up with modern traffic, with that said this is an old car and even from the factory was never meant to be “Beat on” the transmission needs to be shifted in a nice manner and this is a cruiser not a race car. This car will require service more often than a new car and if you cannot do it yourself I can help you find a local mechanic to take care of it. I did all the work myself as I have restored BMW's and Porsche's in the past, having all this work done by a mechanic would have cost over 10k in just labor. Looking at the market of classic cars, BMW, Porsche, etc I priced this to be fair and allow entry level classic car enthusiast to have something “bad-ass” to drive and not break the bank!

If I missed anything please let me know! I am not a broker who makes a living selling classic cars so I can answer any questions you have with complete honesty. I will do my best to make accommodations for the buyer, also please note if you have the Saab 900 shipped please make sure you use someone who will not damage the car, if needed I will remove the fog lights so they do not get damaged, I can also provide a car cover at additional cost of it is shipped without enclosure.

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https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2909_zpst6etkzpr.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_E2884_zpsaazelxlm.jpg

https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2909_zpst6etkzpr.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_E2884_zpsaazelxlm.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2882_zpszt5bqsqp.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2881_zpsamvnvd5q.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2880_zpsywrlx3rt.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2879_zpsciljidxb.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2862_zpstqsnevpr.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2873_zpswn21nhcj.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2875_zpssl9y0z79.jpg https://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n167/World_Militaria/Saab%20c900/IMG_2877_zpsxwbz0lxy.jpgOn Jul-15-19 at 04:16:53 PDT, seller added the following information:

I would also entertain trades for classic VW's pre 1966 only.

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