1972 MGB with under 52k miles - repairable / restorable

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Deposit, New York, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: MG
Model: MGB
Type: Convertible
Year: 1972
Mileage: 52000
VIN: 2032780751
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear

1972 MG MGB

This auction is for one 1972 MGB, and some parts as described below.
LOCAL PICKUP ONLY...car is located in Deposit, NY.I can help you load the car, etc.
DO NOT BID if you aren't serious, and cant pay total amount via Paypal or cash... I've had 3 deadbeats to date (really, is there such thing as an "accidental bid"?).

The odomoter reads just under 52,000 miles, and I believe that is accurate.
Has the standard manual transmission, not an overdrive trans.
Engine turns, the starter, alternator, and water pump all work, and the engine oil and plug wires appear newer; it as if someone had just given it a tune up of sorts before parking it. Under the oil fillercap, valve and metal looks like it has been used recently.
Had a spark issue which I am attempting to troubleshoot, but I have run out of time. Need to clear out the barn.
Brake shoes / pads front and rear appear relatively new, not sure the brakes work as the car has only been rollable.

Car could be made into a daily driver, or restored.
Title options for the buyer:
1) If your state allows you to register a vehicle that you buy using a Bill of Sale, I can provide you with a filled outConnecticut (CT) Bill of Sale form(no charge to you for this).
If not, here are some options:
2)The prior owner is a friend, so another option is to use her "NY State Registration Document" which she has signed (this document is marked "transferrable", which is key in this scenario), however, this NY registration document expired in 2004. This optionwould be free to you if feasible. Don't know if that is an issue for you, best to check with your home state.
3)I can register this car in CT on a Bill of Sale from the prior owner, then after I receivea CT registration in my name, transfer the title (which will be a registration acting as title as I believe CT doesn't issue titles for such older cars) whichcould allow you to title it in your state, with me as the seller. If that is preferable, please add $200 to the selling price, as that takes much time and some $ on my part.
4) any other options you can think of!

While I was jacking this up, a badly placed jack stand went through the driver's side floor footwell.
This area was rusty (see photos), and a tear in the clean metal behind the foot pedals appeared, but the front subframe on either side is holding the car up well.
Tear and floor should be repairable with either a weld or a patch with rivets, or a new floor section, etc.
Will need a new fuel pump, or use the aftermarket one I'm including free in this auction.
Likely best a new fuel tank, although there are no signs of leaks in the existing tank.
I'm unsure of the condition of the carbs. As you can see I have the air cleaners off.
Ignition wiring works otherwise, unsure of other wiring.
Will need a folding soft top, auction will come with frame and top bow (details below).
Tires hold air, but should be considered shop tires only... will come with 4 wheels (4 tires on rims) and one spare rim (no tire on this rim).
Seems to have been repainted to maroon with 1980's MGB white side stripes, over the original mustard / orange color.

Passenger side floor and sills have surface rust... driver side has sill issues / holes and the lower driver side fender is loose. See garish photos!Under door photo is typical condition of both doors' undersides.
I have many other underside and under hood / trunk, etc. photos... just email me here with a region you would like to see more of and I'll email a photo if I have it.

Air cleaner housing not shown, but it is included in this auction.
New spark plugs, cap, rotor, plug wires. New or newer coilincluded in this auction(no photo).
Auction includes a convertible / folding top frame and the top bow (no photo), both of which are out of the car, which are dirty but may clean up nicely. Useable, worst case will need some wire brushing. Top bow had the old ratty top cut away from about 4" from the bar. You will need a new convertible top, which can be attached to this bow.
I have a fiberglass after market MGB hard top for this car. Let me know if you'd like that and I can post it on eBay.

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