1967 MG 1300 BMC ADO16 ALSO known as Austin Morris Wolseley the real Mini Coope

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Features and Specifications

Make: MG
Model: 1300
Type: 1st mini
Year: 1964
Mileage: 65,000
VIN: 1967 mg
Color: White
Engine: 1300
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: right hand Drive
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear

1964 MG 1300

Barn fine Hanger fine

1967 mg 1300


This is the cleanest MG 1300 you will ever find. It was parked by a man inside his airplane hanger in 1985. And I was the lucky person who got

To buy it. And Bring it out just about two months ago. We took it to my

Hanger and started to look at real close. We replaced all the brake cylinders

And most of the brake lines. Then had the master cylinder and the clutch

Cylinder rebuilt. All new belts and hose’s then a new water pump and had the radiator flushed and cleaned. Added new gas and a battery and she runs

Like a swiss watch. I have still not washed her, I just used a duster.

What you see is the real thing the red leather is very nice and a little dry could use a nice cleaning. So far every thing works fine as I have been having fun driving this nice right hand car around the airport. Please take a minute to ask any questions you might have. I have all the books and paper work….its just time for me to clean out my hanger too….

The various nameplates that the model series were marketed under are listed below:

· Austin: 1100,1300and1300GT

· Austin: 11/55,[5]America, Apache,De Luxe, Glider and Victoria

· Innocenti: Austin I4 and Austin I4S[6]

· Innocenti: Morris IM3 and Morris IM3S[6]

· Innocenti I5

· MG: 1100,1275and1300

· MG: Princess,[7]Sports Sedan,[5]1100S and MG-S 1300

· Morris: 1100,1300and1300GT

· Morris: 11/55,[8]1100S, Marina[5]and Marina GT

· Riley: Kestreland1300[9]

· Vanden Plas: Princess 1100,Princess 1275andPrincess 1300

· Wolseley: 1100,1275and1300

· Wolseley: 11/55[5]& Wesp[5]

In line with BMC's policy at the time, Austin badged versions of the ADO16 were built at Longbridge, whilst Morris and MG versions were assembled at Cowley. However, some were also built in Spain byAuthi, in Italy byInnocentiand at the company's own plant in Belgium. It was the basis for locally adapted similar cars manufactured in Australia andSouth Africa. Various versions including Austin, Morris, MG, Wolseley and Riley were assembled in New Zealand and Malta from CKD kits from 1963 until the final Austin/Morris versions were discontinued in 1974, a year after the launch of its replacement, theAustin Allegro.

The vehicle was launched as the Morris 1100 on 15 August 1962. The range was expanded to include severalrebadgedversions, including the twin-carburettor MG 1100 (introduced at the end of September 1962[10]), the Austin 1100 (August 1963),[11]theVanden Plas Princess 1100(October 1963)[12]and finally the Wolseley 1100 (1965) and Riley Kestrel (1965). The Morris badged 1100/1300 models were discontinued on the launch of theMorris Marinain 1971, but Austin and Vanden Plas versions remained in production in the UK until June 1974.

The three-doorestateversion followed in 1966, calledCountrymanin the Austin version andTravellerin the Morris one, continuing the established naming scheme. The Austin 1100 Countryman appeared in theFawlty Towersepisode "Gourmet Night", in which the short-tempered owner of Fawlty TowersBasil Fawlty(John Cleese) gave it a "damn good thrashing". This episode was first shown in October 1975.

In 1964 the 1100 wasWheelsmagazine'sCar of the Year.

For most of its production life, the ADO16 was Britain's best selling car

Yes I can help ship or even store this car for you for awhile just ask.

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