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Bardstown, Kentucky, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Porsche
Model: Panamera
Type: Sedan
Trim: 4S
Year: 2010
Mileage: 78,500
VIN: wp0ab2a72al063803
Engine: V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Drive type: AWD
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

2010 Porsche Panamera 4S

I am offering my 2010 Panamera 4S for sale . It is a V8 with all wheel drive. I am a private owner, and this has been my daily driver for the past 2 years. I purchased this Porsche Certified Pre Owned Panamera 4S from Harper Porsche in Knoxville, TN.
I am selling the car because I must have more storage/cargo space due to some local volunteer work I am now performing. It drives amazingly well and I love it. This is without a doubt the best-engineered and best-built car I have ever owned. This Panamera is in great functional condition, all mechanical and electrical systems operate correctly.
Please note, it will be sold with the remainder of the Porsche CPO Warranty, which transfers to the new private owner. The warranty cannot transfer to a dealer, or to a dealership, only a private buyer. The CPO details can be reviewed at the Porsche website, and the CPO on this particular car would expire at 100,000 miles/July 2018 whichever comes first.
I have enjoyed the fact that the Panamera has a very intensive Multi Purpose Display system. This "self-check" system has activated 6 times since I have owned the car:
1) Once for low tire pressure after parking on a nail.
2 & 3) For the wiper fluid level.
4) Once recently to top-off the coolant level.
5) Once for a false alarm. One evening about a year ago, I started the Panamera in a parking lot. The self-check activated a "PSM Steering Failure" warning. I simply shut the car off, removed the key, and immediately restarted it. The error code cleared, and it continued to run perfectly (I learned this trick from my wife's Audi).
6) Once for "reduced engine power". I had been sitting at a red light, car operating perfectly, when the "reduced engine power" warning occurred. The car did seem low on power as I pulled out of the intersection and pulled off the road. I drove it less than 50 yards at about 10 MPH before shutting it down quickly. I had it towed on a flat bed truck to the Louisville Porsche dealership. The Porsche Service department determined that a camshaft adjuster screw had loosened, and upgraded screws were ordered from Germany and installed. It took about 2 weeks for the new upgraded repair set to arrive. This was the same service which would have been performed under a factory recall bulletin ( AH08 ) that was issued about 2 or 3 weeks later. At the time of repair, all the camshaft adjuster screws (not just the loose one) were upgraded. This car is up to date and compliant with the subsequent factory recall. It has operated perfectly since this upgrade.
The mandatory Panamera AH08 recall service was performed at Bluegrass Porsche in Louisville, with all documentation available. Also at this time, all ignition coils were replaced by Bluegrass Porsche. Otherwise, all scheduled maintenance has been performed by Stuttgart Motors in Louisville Kentucky.
The Panamera has been driven in the following conditions over the past 2 years: daily commutes of about 30 miles round-trip, with the majority being 2-lane country roads at about 45-60 MPH and 4-lane parkway driving at about 70-85 MPH. On Saturdays, my wife and I always take it out for a "date" cruise on country lanes, about 50 miles total, at about 35-60 MPH. There has been almost no "city stop-and-go" driving since I have owned the car. It has been driven very occasionally in rain, but never in ice or snow. It has been garage-kept at home, but sits in an unprotected parking lot while I am at work. I have also taken the Panamera on several 100+ mile interstate day trips.
This is a great-running car, and I enjoy taking care of it and driving it. It has never been on gravel or dirt roads, it has never been in flood conditions, never driven though standing water or flooded roads, and it has never driven over any road hazards or damaging debris (other than a nail); it has never been raced or abused.
Regarding daily "owner" maintenance, I really strive to be proactive and detail oriented. I have hand-washed the car using only Zaino's products, interior and exterior. (The only time it has been washed with something other than Zaino's is when the dealership washes it after servicing; I do not know exactly what they use.) Usually on the interior, I simply use some warm water and a microfiber cloth. I check the oil every single time I drive the car using the dashboard computer. Oil top-offs are always with recommended Mobil-1. Fuel ups are always high octane 93, I have never used cheap gas in this car. I add one container of Chevron Techron Fuel additive every 5000 miles. (Additionally, the Panamera is going in for a regularly scheduled oil change at Stuttgart Motors this week, regardless of sale/auction.)
The Panamera has several typical small paint nicks, and it also has a few small upholstery imperfections as photographed. ( I HAVE TAKEN DETAILED PHOTOGRAPHS OF PAINT AND INTERIOR IMPERFECTIONS AND WILL GLADLY EMAIL THESE TO YOU.) The biggest interior problem has been the tiny chrome trim pieces on the driver door window switches. I bought a new set from Porsche, they popped off, and I have just left them off as seen (this does not affect the switch function).
The rear tires were both recently replaced after I ran over a nail and ruined one of the back tires. The rear tires are less than 3 months old. Both front tires were inspected at the same time and look great.
On very cold mornings, the interior heater blower motor located in the passenger foot well will intermittently squeak if you go around a corner. The squeaking stops after 2-3 seconds and the blower continues to function normally.
The only other "glitch" I have encountered while driving the Panamera is the amount of glare reflected back into the windshield from the light-colored dashboard. I purchased a fitted black nonreflective dash cover, and it solved the problem, but it looks cheap when left in the car. The cover will be included with the car.
There are no other issues with this car, either large or small, that I am aware of in any way. I would confidently jump in this Panamera and drive across the country tomorrow with no reservations whatsoever.
The Porsche Certified Pre-Owned Warranty which transfers to the new owner is a huge benefit. It really added a level of assurance for me when I bought it, and the same will be true for the winning bidder. However, I am not certain if the separate wheel replacement warranty which I purchased through the Harper Porsche Dealership in Knoxville transfers with the Panamera to the winning bidder.
I will answer any further questions or concerns which you may have. I am describing this Panamera as if I were intending to buy it and drive it myself, and I will gladly help you in determining if this Panamera would suit your expectations.
I will gladly coordinate a pre-purchase inspection at any mechanic shop within a reasonable distance. I want you to be satisfied with the description of my car so that you will feel confident about bidding if you are interested. Thanks for taking the time to look at my Panamera.
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