Documented Triple Black Ram Air III 4-Speed. Restored No Rust.

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Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Features and Specifications

Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Type: Coupe
Doors: 2
Year: 1969
Mileage: 80,000
VIN: 242379A******
Color: Black
Engine: 400 V8
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear

1969 Pontiac GTO

Fist off I'd like to say that I am not a deale, this is my personal GTO and it is in my nameand insured in my name and if you are a dealer looking to buymy GTOto justflip.....please move on to another car. Now that's said......the GTOis absolutely amazing in every wa, from the colo, pain, options, and reliability can drive this GTO anywhere . I am only selling the GTO to buy A 1970 Orbit Orange Judge 30 minutes from me fromthe original owner . I would like to sayfirst ofall this GTO is NOT a numbers matching car but the engine is a 1970 GTO WT 4-speed . This GTO is documented buy PHS as an original 1969 GTO Ram Air II, Black on Black with Blackvinyl top, 4-spee, full gauges and much more. This car is also the second car on theGTO Judge and RAM AIRregistry ( see picture ) I did not do the restoration on this car but I know it had a total frame off about 10 years ago and still looks fantastic.....other than a bit of dirt under the car and some engine paint faded the GTO looks like it was done this year. BODY...The body is laser straight and the paint is the best black I've ever seen, the pictures don't do this car justice at all. the vinyl top looks brand new and all the chrome looks new even the bumper. I've been i, under and through this car and the only evidence of bodywork I can find is a small patch in the trunk ( you have to look hard to find it )and the quarters had a small patch on each side but if you did not know where to look -you would never know, this car was restored about 10ago andthe bodyworkdoes not show at all, you know it was done right, the rest of the body I believe is all metal and the original body and the rad support is perfect too.The door handles are original and I would re chrome them but they still look great. The hideaway light grills line up perfectly and they work perfect alsoand the hood tach work, The hood tach is a repo and is all new inside and is much more accurate than the original diode ones. INTERIO, Ido not have much to say here because the interior is perfec, LikeI sai, I did notrestore this car so I don't know what's originalor reproduction. I was told buy the GTO club that the Wood steering whee, radi, full rally gauges are original too the car. If I had to guess I would say that the front and back seats , the headline, carpet and the door panels and the dash wood grain are new. Everythinginside works even the radio.ENGIN, the engine is from a 1970 GTO ( WT) and the transmission is aMuncie M20. The engine was rebuilt to a RamAir IV inside with aluminumrocker, original grind Ram Air IV cam gives this engine the best sound you have everheard through the aluminized dual exhaust with no headers but the Ram Air manifolds.,No engine on this earth sounds as good as a Ram Air I, the engine runs absolutely perfect and will never overheat even on the hottest of days, I had this car in a parade last summer for two hours and it never overheated.. The carburetor is a factorystyle quadrajet and is totally rebuilt and like new, even the choke works. All the Ram air stuff is there and works too. The transmission is a Muncie M20 and was rebuilt two years ago becauseit was a bit noisy, its perfect now, the car has its original nodular ( N )heavy duty3:55 posi . All the suspension is new and some Hotchkis suspension parts were installed........Idon't usually like that after market stuff but the ride is like a new car so I left it on the car,. The wheels are Pontiacrally IIs and are 14/ 6 on front and 15/7 on back and are in mint shape with new trim rings .The tires are B.F Goodrich and are almost new, they are fromCoker tire and they are not ol, they are new castings. Well that's all I can think of. I want to be totally honest about this car but you allknowits an old car and I don't know about its past but I have had this car for a long time and there is absolutely No issues with this car what's so ever , Its onethe nicest looking GTOs you will find ........Triple black documented Ram Air....AWESOME ....the only thing better than this car to meis a 1970 Orbit Orange Judge . This car is in awesome shap, absolutely NO rust anywhere and you can tell by under the car that it was never rust, there are no signs of pitted metal that was fixed not even the "A" arm, frame or rear end. just buy it and drive needs nothing.I strongly recommend comingto see the car in person...I could never understand buying a car of this kind of money and neverseeing it tillit shows up at your door. I am an older guy and I have had lots of GTOs and trust persons awesome condition of a car is not the same to everyone. I have seen lots of cars that have a great shiny paint job but the car is apiece of junk. I just wantthe buyer and myselfto be happy and I want this car to go to a good home to be left all original. I want everyone to know that this car is for sale elsewhere and I can end this auction early and without notice. We allknow what this car is worth andI will not give this awesome great quality car away.My price is below what its worth for sureand I will not give the reserve......I will be fare to allbidders.Please ask any and all questions before bidding and do not bid and then try to get the funds.....have the funds first please., after you email me through eBay and if your serous I will give you my phone number and we can talk. I will help with shipping the best I can but I think you shouldpick the car up in person, but that's just me. One more thing...the GTO will absolutely not leave my garage till all the funds ( in U.S funds ) is cleared and in my bank. Goodluck and Thanks.
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