1969 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham. As cool and nice as you will find one of these

US $9,919.69
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Boise, Idaho, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Pontiac
Model: Bonneville
Type: Sedan
Trim: Brougham
Year: 1969
Mileage: 11,111,111
VIN: 12083223999
Color: Blue
Engine: 428 yh
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

1969 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham

I am listing the car now, and will ad photos and VIDEOS I JUST TOOK NOW. Ok...there are 5 videos live in you tube David Dembowski or 1969 Pontiac Bonneville for sale in Boise
The five videos show the car in great detail...far better than pictures.
Monday night. I'm surprised not sold. I've had a couple emails asking if we could talk on the phone. What has happened to me in the past is insgree to sell the car for less and everyone else is mad and ..so...I don't want to call ...I will answer any questions... Also..had a local person want to come look. I'll get the line..I'm hiding something..but again..if I wanted to deal with test drives and all that goes with someone coming to my place and tire kicking and snooping...nah...I'm not interested in this... This is why it's on eBay. It's fair. The car is worth the buy it now price. I started st retail...14500.... It's wholesale now. We all know what dealer ask and eventually get. Ten grand don't buy much these days. ...
Yes it has the original YH 428
I think if a person wanted to buy a nice running 428, not a greasy old pig, and a set of wheels and tires, and a beater car.. they would pay 2500 bucks... this car has a knockout interior, a knockout drivetrain, obviously rebuilt engine and transmission. Newer exhaust and no creaks or funny noises from the front end.. its tight.... Its worth every penny of what I am asking... The vinyl top was nicely done, not some hack job. I don't see a nicer car on ebay in this year range for this kind of money. Lots of covered up over spray painted under the hood and dazzling stories to embellish what is really..not so great. Notice.. I sell every car I ever list fairly quickly. I do not ask or get top dollar...ever.

This is a cool car.. I don't have room (literally) to keep it as of Monday, a restored 64 Catalina is showing up.. so this has to go.
When it was repainted, the factory original color, it was done extremely well. Under the hood where it meets the inner fenders, it clear to see, it was not just masked off.. no... the fenders were off the car. The door jams are every bit as nice as the body. The trunk is a knockout. Its the last year for a power rear antenna.. came in windshield or power.. have you seen another 69 Pontiac with a power antenna? It came with it. All the windows work quickly. It does not have wind noise at freeway speed.. The lights comes on saying belts when you first start it.. reminding you to buckle up.. and if you shut it off with the lights on...the lights - light... is on in the dash as well.. pretty cool.. speed alert buzzer works. Dome and dash lights all work. Outside lights... all work. It has a cheesy radio in it, but.. its digital and works and so do front and rear speakers. The engine is super clean ...no oil smells or antifreeze or smoke. No ticks or knocks. The tranny shifts solid and doesn't leak or smell or smoke. The front end is tight and steers straight. Brakes stop nice and even without pulsating. The car had some serious time and money put into it. The bad. The front beak has scratches on the crest... no cracks or anything bad. A black pinstripe would be a nice touch and take care of it. The rear panel in the bumper has some scratches in it.. it could be painted if you cared. There is a dent on the rear, left quarter on the top where it meet the trunk and thehood.. has atwo little dings and a noticeable scratch. Its the most depressing part of the car. I will get it in video and pictured which I am uploading now, tonight, Saturday... Its a great way to knock the car, kick it.. because you have to find something...so here you have it... a couple scratches and little dings... The underside of the car is dry and clean and not acovered up crusty rust bucket. No sweat rust inside the car...none of that... the car is not a covered up beater.It will drive anywhere with no issues I'm sure. Its not a barn find that will develop oil leaks and smells and all the monkey business that comes with a car that's been sitting for years. It smell nice and is very clean. The seats are amazing and extremely comfortable.
The tires are very nice. Door panels and dash are not cracked and are soft. Carpet is nice, but not new. No holes or tears nor is it wore out.. just not as shiny and fresh like a new carpet kit out of a box that's all. I bought the car because of what you are seeing now...it looks cool. I had not had a 69 Brougham but every other year, except a 66 and 69..
I knew this was the one to get... its not green or brown or tan or gold... I have now had every brougham from 64-70. Its being sold for money (no trades), not because there is anything wrong with it. I am out of room and acquired two knockout 64 Pontiacs, and those are my favorite, so ..this has to go... I will leave it at the airport if you want to fly in and drive it home. I will deliver it to coast to coast auto shippers in Kuna Idaho....they are a super company in case you need one. I bought the car last fall, Ive driven about 1/2 tank of gas out of it. I amwaiting on theIdaho Title, which is clean.It is not salvage or damaged or marked in any way.... Ishould have it in about 10 days from now...
Now, I wont completely give it away, you are not going to find another brougham with this much money put into it that looks this good... I know, ive watched them for MANY YRS... so here is a chance to get something nice at a fraction of what you could find, and build one for... forget the time.. just the parts and labor.I am positive the engine and transmission have been rebuilt. They are not just spray painted to lookgood. They have obviously been rebuilt
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