1968/1969 Plymouth Convertible Satellite/Roadrunner/GTX

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Granite Bay, California, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Plymouth
Model: Road Runner
SubModel: Satellite/Road Runner/GTX
Type: Convertible
Year: 1969
Mileage: 0
VIN: RH27B8G232132
Vehicle Title: Clear

1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Well - In the images you are going to see a concept drawing. This was going to be a BIG Build SEMA project. (I also have a Pro Tour 1969 Roadrunner being built that is destroying my budget - LOL) Anyway - Here is the run down on the car;
1. It is natively a 1968 Satellite Convertible that had a 6-cyl. in it.
2. It was a California car that made its way to MN, where a builder began a rotisserie restoration/GTX clone project. I bought it and brought it back to CA. I have had it for several years.
3. It has new rear quarters that they did, and they did a really good job according to my body/paint guy.
4. The underside and the engine compartment were cleaned up painted silver - By them. It's really clean.
5. The car came with pretty much every piece necessary to rebuild it stock, minus engine, trans and misc. parts.
5a. I still have all the parts that came with it EXCEPT; 6 cyl K-member, Rear End., stock suspension, wheels/tires (My plan was Viper V-10, Complete frame - stock pieces are junk in my opinion)
5b. The car is on rollers. - They go with the car.
5c. There are new 1968 GTX trim/badges and grill. ($1,500 worth of parts alone)
5d. I have stock 1969 GTX lights that go with it.
5e. to the best of my knowledge, almost every part for this car is there in various boxes and bins. I have NOT inventoried each piece, but there is a ton of stuff, some original, some new. Too many parts and trim to list.
5f. All the glass appears to be there minus the windshield and convertible top window.
5g. The dash is 100% complete. I have an alternative white cluster that goes with it.
5h. I have a variety of steering column options. The original was a column shift.
5i. I have a new plastic console with used trim parts for an automatic. This car has a 4-speed/floor shift hump in it for some reason unknown. Appears stock.
6. MY Body & Paint guy did the following;
6a. Changed the tail light extensions to 1969 as my build has a 1969 GTX tail light design. I do not like the 1968 tail lights.
6b. The deck lid is a 1969 piece.
6b. The marker lights in the rear have been filled. Fronts were supposed to be - forgotten.
6c. The drivers side headlight buckets are gone. The design called for modern Challenger headlights (see rendering) - These headlight may go with the car if you are interested in that build concept. no extra charge for those.
6d. All body work has been completed, gaps set, though the front end is mounted loose.
6e. Nothing has been done to the cockpit area.
6f. There have been no mods to the firewall.
7. Things I have done/have
7a. The convertible top assembly has been cleaned and powder coated black.
7b. It has a stock Mopar B-Body A/C unit that was completely rebuilt - never installed.
7c. I have a frame stiffening kit that can go with it... I decided to go full frame at the time.
7d. I have mini-tub kit as well, if interested.
This car is a SOLID project, with a good start, though headed in a hybrid location. If you are in love with 1968 features and want to build a pure stock piece, this probably isn't the car for you? The tail light nods are extensive, not a simple swap. If you want something unique where most the expensive hard stuff on the body has been handled, you will love this project. If you just want to put it together and drive it, well - motors, K-Members and rear ends are not hard to find and you can simply slap her together as-is and have a weekend warrior ride.
We are moving to Houston, I can't justify this build within the next couple years and my other car is sucking me dry... I hate giving up on this project, but it's gotta go! It is priced VERY fair and I am most certainly taking a hit on her.
1969 1968 plymouth roadrunner satellite gtx mopar hemi b-body b body muscle project
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