1958 Plymouth 2DR HT Christine, 440, Fury Add Ons, Bumper Wings 150 Speedo MORE!

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Fairview, Oregon, United States

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Make: Plymouth
Model: Other
Year: 1958
Mileage: 1,958
Vehicle Title: Clear

1958 Plymouth Other

1958 Plymouth 2DR HT Christine Project All the hard to find Christine Items Come with Car. Factory Toreador Red and Iceberg White Car-Perfect to build you clone! I have decided to put my car out there, if it makes reserve fine, if not I will likely keep moving forward and finish it. I have owned dozens of fin cars and this was going to be my one and only ground up project but I have too many life events going on right now and need to focus my energies elsewhere. I have been on a waiting list at the body restoration shop for much longer than promised or expected. This is the perfect chance to capitalize on my years of collecting parts for one of these rare cars. All of the years getting the correct parts is done for you! The interior would need to be redone (except headliner) in order for you to take to cruise ins. A few more minor things you can complete as you enjoy, or just go for it and get it restored as is my plan if it does not sell. Car is running and driving and stops, but only with front (disc) brakes currently, ready to take to the next level! Currently has a recently built 1967 440. Bored 40 over, balanced. Has ported 906 heads. Dual Quad Edelbrock Setup with correct Christine Oval Air Cleaners. I even had custom engine paint made by Industrial Paints in the correct 1958 Golden Commando color so it looks Christine correct. 440HP Manifolds with new dual exhaust. Sounds sweet! 440 is mated up to a 1965 torqueflite which was just built by a pro shop. I had a later input shaft installed so which allowed me to put a 3200 stall torque convertor in, it is new as well. Has a park in it, still a pushbutton and is lightweight which is why the 65 trans was chosen (one year only design) 1966 B-Body 3:23 Posi and New Drive line A 1958 Golden Commando 350 Engine is not included in auction but is available. It is in an engine shop in build process. It may be a few months before finished, but I will sell at my cost of rebuild. I will provide receipts so basically the block and existing heads I am not charging for. I need to know early on if you are interested because the plans are for a mild build along with a newer style crank to fit the newer transmissions. I have the original crankshaft as well which could be installed. Has the correct dual quad intake, but I was going to install an aluminum offenhauser instead. Also has number correct carbs which need refurbishing as well as offenhauser ribbed four bolt valve covers, also very rare. Comes with period correct exhaust manifolds, but the passenger side manifold does not have the choke port, probably taken long ago by someone. I know this is a GC engine as it was removed from the same 1958 Fury that I got torsion bars, springs and a 150 speedo from. Winning bidder gets option to get all of this for the price of the rebuild, otherwise I will sell it later on. Note, this engine does not come with another set of oval air cleaners, I only have the chrome set. Currently runs and drives but I have only hooked up the front disc brakes. Just need to flare tube going to back brakes or else replace brake lines and then hook up. Torsion Bars off of a 1958 Fury-They are larger diameter Rear Leaf Springs off the same 1958 Fury (more leaves in them) Front disk brakes off of a 73 challenger. I had steering arms cut from originals and welded on so there are no turning issues. Period correct power steering installed Period correct power brakes installed, not hooked up yet, just need fitting for back of carb and a couple of hoses With a little work you can have a driver which is correct Christine colors already This car is definitely something you could drive without a full restoration and just enjoy as it is. OR-Go all the way and have an extremely desirable car. INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING “CHRISTINE CORRECT” PARTS Complete and original 1958 Belvedere Aluminum Sporttone and all the Stainless Trim. Excellent Deluxe Power Steering Wheel Bumper wings, newly chromed steel set which are perfect. These are steel, not FRP!!-$4000 to buy a set of these Genuine 1958 Fury Speedo NOT JUST A STICKER, includes chromed bezel. Fury/Belvedere Seat Frames-The ones with the dips on the middle. Also, set of stock backs without the center dips. Roof rails and a set of new roof rail clips. Fury Quarter Panel Emblems-Genuine not reproduction Rechromed Dual Antenna Bases with New Antenna Masts-includes all the dual antenna cables as well Chromed Oval Air Cleaners-Need a little work on chrome, but original. Extra air filters as well Gold V Emblem Complete set of Polished Hubcaps-Does not have the black Paint Six or seven Extremely nice Original hubcaps in addition Two 14x6 Wheels, Plus Two 14x5 Stock Full extra set of tinted side glass windows, all six pieces including vent windows Like new correct bumper jack OTHER EXTRA PARTS At least one extra radio An extra fan motor with housing Three Speed Wiper Motor with Controls Set of 15” Wheels and Tires on Reverse Chrome Baby Moons-Like New but Tires are several years old with literally no miles on them. (Currently installed on car) Two Extra Sets of Taillight Housings. These are all metal, not aluminum. What makes these special is they are hard to find and are perfect for rechroming as they are much heavier duty than the aluminum style. New set of door and ignition locks and keys Two very nice 1957 Fenders Brand new gas tank, installed but not connected to fuel yet in case someone want to remove it. New fuel sending unit on tank. New master cylinder. Various extra switches for headlights, heater etc. Extra Tail Lenses, including correct Plybo Lenses New dome light cover (repro) Extra rear view mirror Excellent Two Post Side View Mirrors, as well as a set of the earlier Bullet Style Mirrors, also in nice shape Front windshield rubber gasket (aftermarket channeled) Rear Window rubber gasket (Aftermarket) WHAT IT NEEDS TO BE A DRIVER First off, the body does have minor rust issues here and there, but it is much better than average for an unrestored 1958 Plymouth, meaning it is not a cancered-out rust bucket with gaping holes. With a little work it is presentable enough to drive without spending $25K or more on a body and paint restoration, it all depends on your taste. Most people who have seen the car think I should just drive it without doing much to the body. Seats recovered. Brakes finished, see above regarding rear brake line. You would likely want to install a dual master cylinder, mid seventies style should bolt on, as well as a proportioning vavle. Various miscellaneous tinkering projects Install voltage regulator (included, I may even have in installed by time auction ends) WHERE IT IS AT IN THE RESTORATION PROCESS In order to take it from driver to show car it will need full body restoration and paint. Very minor rust in places, easy repair and all parts are available so it is a very doable project. I have been waiting for two years for my car to go into a high-end resto shop here. Finally I am giving up and moving on. Engine in same situation. I have it at a nice build shop. Put a $1000 down and asked them to start the build, but I am not sure they yet. Let them finish at your cost or I will collect the block etc and get it ready for pickup. Will need interior completely done to Christine colors or whatever. The headliner is the exception as it is in excellent shape. This is a good thing as they are impossible to find anyway. WHY SELL? I have been doing these car for nearly forty years. In fact, before the movie made them so popular and drove the prices so high. I promised myself to do one ground up now that I could afford it. Unfortunately my job keeps me on the road and when I get home I am so busy I cannot work on the car as much as I would like. This car has been a passion for a lot of years but it is time to consider letting someone else carry on with it. If it doesn’t sell it is not heartbreak, I will keep plugging away at it (one dollar at a time, ha ha). Reserve is more than $10k less than my to-date investment. That does not mean it is a $10K car as the parts on these are expensive, plus the cost of the 440, dual quad, new trans, updates on trans, new stall convertor, new driveline, B Body posi with housing, new dual exhaust, Sportone, 150 Fury speedo, new bumper wings and on and on and on adds up real fast. Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions. Car is listed locally as well. If car does not meet reserve I will be taking it in to get entire interior done with correct 1958 Belvedere Red and Black fabric and vinyl. I have visited SMS and what I want is available. Thank you for looking and happy bidding. Note: I am not a dealer, just a long time enthusiast. This is my personal project and is not a car I bought to flip. I first bought this car almost ten years ago. Sold to a local person who did nothing to it but keep it stored inside. I repurchased it three years ago and have been working on it since then replacing suspension and installing upgraded drive train.
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