Plymouth Duster

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Features and Specifications

Make: Plymouth
Model: Duster
Type: Coupe
Year: 1972
Mileage: 64,500
VIN: VL29C28311750
Color: Red
Engine: 444 small block
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: White
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

1972 Plymouth Duster

Thanks for looking my Duster.

This car was a record holder at the Super Car Races Series with 11.43 ET in USA. I made 17 quartermile runs.

Currently the car has a 3500 stall converter (for Slicks). The mild converter from the record run (Polyglas Tires) goes with the car. Starter is new. Feel free to ask questions.


The block is a `68 340 casting that was ½ filled with hardblock, square decked, bored and torque plate honed .040" oversize. Program billet steel main caps were installed with ARP studs and line bored to size. The pass side oil galley was tubed and oil blocked for use with solid roller lifters. The crank is a Callies Compstar H beams. Pistons are Diamond forgings with a Teflon coat on the skirt and a thermal barrier coat on the top. The engine has 13.5:1 compression and I run it on Sunoco Standard "blue" leaded gas. The rotating assembly was internally balanced. It runs a standard volume oil pump with a Milodon pan. It has a Ishihara Johnson double crank scraper fit to each side of the crank. The heads are correct 915 J-heads completely redone & ported by Dwayne Porter at Porter Racing Heads. Oversize Ferrea 2.055 intake and 1.625 exhaust valves were installed with Comp valve spring, seats, retainers and locks. The heads were drilled for 3/8" rocker shaft studs to handle the spring pressure. The shafts are chromed replacement shafts with Norris investment cast stainless roller tip rockers. The heads are bolted on with ARP studs and use an SCE Titan ICS copper head gasket. The cam shaft is a custom Comp solid roller grind (.624"/.646" lift) with Comp solid body roller lifters. Smith Brothers pushrods actuate the rockers and a Comp timing set an Mopar tensioner connect the crank to the cam. The correct casting intake manifold has had the exhaust crossover underneath milled off for weight savings, a heat shield was installed and it also has been port matched with the center divider milled down.

The car has a standard size stock fuel tank with a ½ pickup that leads to a filter and Mallory 110 electric pump (its quiet) mounted in back. New 3/8" fuel lines lead to a "dummy" engine mounted pump then to a Thermoquad carb modified to 850 cfm specs. The exhaust manifolds are connected to a full TTI 2.5" H-pipe exhaust system with dynomax mufflers and Accurate LTD stainless A body tips. A wide band oxygen sensor is installed in the pipe connected to an Innovate LM-1 wide band meter & RPM converter that is included with the car. For an ignition system, it uses a new Mopar electronic distributor with an MSD coil, mopar chrome box, MSD soft touch rev control and Firecore 50 wires.


The transmission is a rollerized Chrysler 904 that was overhauled with all new parts. It has the heavy duty A999 5 disk front clutch setup with an A&A trans multi spring retainer. It has fresh Alto red eagle frictions, kolene steels and solid bands. It has a Turbo Action reverse manual valve body and a Hughes 3500 Stall converter. The transmission functions perfectly. Behind the transmission is a brand new 3" aluminium driveshaft with solid spicer 1330 u-joints. A safety loop is mounted underneath in case something lets go. The driveshaft connects to an 8 ¾ rear with a 3.73 ring and pinion on a lightweight full spool. Custom Dutchman race axles are used with green bearings.

Suspension & Brakes

The rear suspension was redone with new ESPO rear 340 Duster leaf springs and poly bushings with adjustable drag shocks. The front suspension features small diameter drag torsion bars and adjustable 90/10 drag shocks. The car has had its entire brake hydraulic system replaced, new master cylinder, new steel lines, hoses and new calipers & wheel cylinders. It is a manual disk system with

factory drums on the back and single piston disks up front and performs very well at 120 mph. There is an adjustable proportioning valve in the rear line and a line lock is neatly hidden inside of the washer bottle under the hood. I used DOT 5 silicone brake fluid to eliminate any paint damage, the brake system has DOT 5 in it from day one.

The car has a few weight savings tricks, some unnecessary body metal was trimmed and the car was configured to appear as a radio delete, heater delete, manual brake and manual steering car. The wipers have been rendered inoperational with a gutted wiper motor and removal of the under dash linkage, this can be easily reversed with the right parts and the car comes with a spare heater box assembly if you choose to reinstall it. The car weighs in at only 2950 lbs. The interior is in good condition with recent seat reskins and new carpet. There is a tach mounted to the column with a gauge panel with an oil pressure and water temp gauge underneath the dash. It’s got a reproduction Tuff wheel. The column shift linkage has been modified to make shifting the car at WOT easier without overshifting, you pull the shifter down until it hits a stop to shift into second, then pull the shifter toward you and down to go into 3rd. At one point the car had a 4 speed and a manual shift hump was welded in. Now that the car is automatic, the hole in the hump was blocked with a plate and a new 4 speed carpet installed, so if at some point you felt a stick shift would be better, the floor is already prepared for it. All the seatbelts, front and rear, have been replaced with modern aftermarket stuff. The rear bumper is a rechome and the front bumper is original and has the original steel bumper brackets. The sharks tooth grille is in good shape and behind it a new replacement radiator is bolted up with a Mopar viscous fan cooling it down. There is a lightweight battery made of an empty case and a small race cell in the stock battery tray it spins a Mopar mini-starter on the side of engine. The car has 14x6 small bolt pattern reproduction rallye wheels with repro `72 centers and trim rings. Tires are reproduction Goodyear Polyglas G70-14, the rears shaved for better hook at the track.

We will help shipping if needed.

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