1972 Olds 442 W-30 documented with "X" code, # matching engine Perfect driver

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San Marcos, California, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Cutlass
SubModel: 442
Type: Coupe
Trim: 442 W-30
Year: 1972
Mileage: 74,350
VIN: 3G87X2M200921
Color: Black
Engine: 455
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear

1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W-30

ORIGINAL 1972 DOCUMENTED OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 442 W-30A TRUE DRIVER OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY(This is relisted as I made a mistake in the original listing with the transmission...it is not a 72 turbo 400, it is a 1968 Turbo 400 that was put in back in the 1970's)
I have owned over 30 Olds 442 cars in my life but this is only the second W-30. The ultimate in the class, this car lives up to all the hype. To put it very simply, this is not a show car, I did not buy it as such, nor do I want to own a car that I cannot drive for triple the money. I love the classics that are affordable yet worthy of getting them on the road without worry of ruining its value. This car fits that bill to a tee! I take it out whenever I want, more so since I moved out of Chicago and now live in San Diego (why didn't I not move her 30 years ago...lol). It fits in my garage without having to squeeze it in and more important, it looks like a million dollars.
The value of this car is in the appearance. It is not a show car, it is not a rotisserie restoration. The paint is a 7 and has some small but non effecting issues. More important from 3 feet it looks like a 10 that just came off the showroom floor!I just had it out yesterday taking pictures, found a great spot with the shade, within 5 minutes I was talking to multiple people praising how cool this car really is, I love when that happens because it confirms my decision as the right one when I made the purchase. The ride..OMG, it drives and handles better than I would have imagined. It starts every-time first time, it runs smooth and it handles as well as any muscle car I have owned. Then you add in the original smell of the carburetor gasoline cars, there is nothing like it.
The facts...I am not the best with technical stuff, I hate to admit it but as much as I love muscle cars, I have never even changed the oil once myself. If you have a question, it would help if you tell me exactly what to look for and where so I can do my best to get you the correct answers. The car is an original W-30, The VIN has the "X" which is the correct code, unlike the earlier years it was the numbers. The engine is numbers matching which was by far the most important thing for me, the trans is a 1968 dated Turbo 400, not matching. The owner I bought the car from purchased this from from Volo auto Museum in Chicago. The heads and manifold are correct and the rear end is the original with Posi Traction. The cam was changed out years ago so it now sounds mean and lean which is very cool. The car is a column bench seat, I was not excited about that as you can imagine, but my 1970 Buick GS 455 convertible was not either and like that car, I actually enjoy driving this much more than I thought. The wheels have been upgraded to 15" tires and original Cutlass Rims which makes such a huge difference in the ride. I do have 4 original 14" tires and rims we can talk about if interested. The last owner had the motor rebuilt when he lived in Colorado a few years back, it was adjusted for high altitude. When I shipped it to San Diego, I spent $750 having the car re-tuned for this altitude, it runs amazing, but the shop did say I should eventually have the carb. rebuilt for this altitude. He did a great job making it run a lot better, not that it needed it, but it was worth the spend. The motor is strong, I can tear the rubber off the tires or drive it like an old man and either way it just glides. There is a retro Olds radio with an Alpine amp. There is a loose wire from shipping that has to be looked at as the sound goes in and out, but if it was me, I would put an old GM radio back in it and locate one of the stock 8-Tracks they where optioned with. The rear end is a 10 bolt, the W-27 was not an option this year
I was asked if there is any bondo on this car. Two very small places and that is all I can see, checked it with a magnet. Small area on drivers rear quarter closest to the driver door at the bottom, very small. Second area is also small, passenger door bottom closest to the front quarter but agai, very small area
You can see from the pics what is inside the hood, and what was done to the car. The interior is in great shape, there is 3 very minute small tears on the drivers side, but that is such an easy fix it never bothered me as it is almost completely unnoticeable. ( Black sharpie would cover them up so no one would even notice they are so small) The panels line up great as you can see from the pics, there are no rust holes in the pans or the trunk. The dash and door panels are just fine. I have taken the car through a brush-less power wash multiple times and there no leaks, just as quiet and sound as ever. The car sits in my garage and there is no signs of any leaks, on the tilted driveway I get a very small oil drop, nothing major by any means, not even anything to worry about) There is a chrome wheel well trim that needs a to be put on, plus there I have all the records of the car for years back which you will get. I love the red wheel-wells and yes I know that was not an option in 1972 but when they did the rebuild of the engine he had them added which has always been one of the coolest features on the W-30 cars. The color code shows the car was born a silver color, but was repainted black many years ago and it was done right, all the jams etc...do not show the old color. Personally, I like the black better. The vinyl top is intact and rare as most cars that have been restored remove it, but watch, that retro 70's look is coming back strong as are the vinyl tops. There is a scratch in the drivers side window which will need to be replaced. It happened from a loose screw in the door panel when shipped and when rolled down it caused the damage. Cheap fix, my fault but I truly did not notice until it happened. That said you can see from the records where the earlier owner spent thousands and thousands of dollars maintaining the car which has payed off into a well running machine!
Not much more I can say except this an out of the box purchase and drive muscle car. There is always work that can be done, it is just a mater of taste and what you personally want...this is exactly what I wanted and unless I wanted this car to be worth $75k there is very little that I would do without going the full mile.
Owner is responsible for transportation charges and I would be will to help in anyway to get that set up if needed.I will ship internationally as I have done it before with no problems
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