Maserati Merak

US $60,000.00
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Salinas, California, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Maserati
Model: Merak
Type: Coupe
Year: 1975
Mileage: 31,500
VIN: AM122.US.2166
Color: Blue
Engine: SS 610.092
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear

1975 Maserati Merak

This is a numbers matching Merak with a factory installed SS motor (as verified by the Maserati factory). A complete motor rebuild and mechanical restoration was performed by a noted specialist for the Merak, who has rebuilt more than 210 vintage Maserati V6 motors. Numerous performance upgrades were made as part of the mechanical restoration. Many of these upgrades also reduced weight (estimate more than 100 pounds of weight removed).
The restoration includes rebuilt Weber 44 DCNF carbs, new clutch, euro headers, stainless steel Larini performance exhaust system, new custom adjustable rear shocks and springs (original shocks/springs are included), new front shocks, new suspension bushings, new steering damper and tie rods, new tires, new hoses (including metal pipes from the motor to radiator), a Pertronix electronic ignition conversion, a lightweight/high torque starter, rebuilt headlight risers, rebuilt electric window motors, rebuilt brake calipers, recored radiator, and rebuilt radiator fans. The all new air conditioning system uses a new/more efficient and lighter rotary compressor, a new dryer, and all new A/C hoses. The transmission was opened and inspected before it was reinstalled.
The motor rebuild corrected all potential weak points, including installation of solid stainless steel exhaust valves (to replace the original hollow/sodium filled exhaust valves), modern/upgraded timing chains, a thicker oil pump drive shaft, and other improvements that specialists in this motor developed over the years. The LHM system (for the clutch, brakes, and headlight lifts) was also rebuilt.
Common but hidden rust problems found on most Meraks (even in excellent shape) were corrected. Rusted metal in the gas tank enclosure areas was removed and new metal welded in place. The gas tanks were sent to Gas Tank Renu for refurbishment (at $450 each/$900 for both). Rusted metal at the front lower edge of the trunk (boot) floor was also removed, and new metal welded in place. Several pictures taken as the restoration was in progress are included.
Pictures included were taken before the decision was made to sell the Merak, but details in the pictures show the new components installed as the suspension, exhaust system, and motor were restored. The wheels are the original (5) Merak Campagnolo wheels, as seen in the first 4 pictures. Some pictures show other wheels, but the other wheels ARE NOT included. The 3rd picture and pictures of the front and back were taken before the restoration was started, and with the transmission and other ancillary equipment removed, so the rear end in these pictures is slightly higher than normal.
The Merak is in storage in central California. With about a year delay in our move to California the Merak has had very few miles since completion of the mechanical restoration/motor rebuild. It is expected to have about 300 miles on it after the rebuild when it is sold. Until it reaches about 1500 miles after the motor rebuild (or about 33,000 miles on the odometer), in my opinion it should be driven at varying speeds and RPM, and not revved to high RPM.
Several options are available for pickup or delivery of the Merak from the storage facility (in the Salinas, California area). It can be picked up at the storage facility on my next California trip (between late May and mid June). It can also be delivered along or near routes 10, 20, 30, and/or 40/81/66 between California and the Washington, DC area (Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, etc., or a more northern route back east could be discussed). Finally, for an overseas buyer the Merak can be dropped at the docks on the west coast for shipping overseas. Overseas shipping costs are surprisingly low - enclosed shipping to the UK, Rotterdam NL, or Bremerhaven DE is priced at $1095, and to Melbourne or Sydney, Australia $1295. The buyer would be put in touch with shipper to set up (and pay) for the overseas shipping contract.
Please call 703-822-1831 if you have other questions and/or to discuss pickupdelivery options.
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