Lotus Seven Replica Kit Car 170 WHP Caterham Track Car Lotus 7 BEC Lotus Seven

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Replica/Kit Makes
Model: Lotus Seven
Trim: Caterham
Year: 2012
Mileage: 4000
VIN: 00000000000000000
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear

2012 Replica/Kit Makes Lotus Seven Caterham

168 hp to the wheels in a 1100 lb car. Needless to say it's a blast to drive on the street or the track. The gentleman who built this car is an experienced builder and this was his 5th Lotus 7 replica which he built for his son. Car is a monster on the track and sounds like a formula race car with the motorcycle engine(GSXR-1000). It is street legal but the county I live in requires emissions testing and it won't pass because it's s motorcycle engine. I was going to have it registered in a neighboring non-emissions county or use the "Montana loophole" for $800 but I decided to see if I get a ticket first... 3 years and all I've gotten from cops is thumbs up and one time they helped me push it off the street when the old battery died.
I hardly have time to enjoy this car other than taking it to Caffeine and Octane/Exotics once a month and occasional drives to the gym/grocery store so I'm ready to pass it on. I would consider a trade for a BMW 2002 (roundie).Car comes with 2 sets of wheels and tires, the ones on it right now are HANKOOK C51 Ventus 205/50Z r 16 Tires and rims. You can see the other(street) set in the last photo. It has a sequential transmission like a motorcycle so there is no reverse gear. It's very easy to push from the roll bar so I never bothered installing an electric reverse.
Below is some description from the previous owner with all the details about the car(I will add more details soon):
"This is a 1965-1968 Super Seven Replica, it weighs 1100 lbs wet and has 168 hp at the rear tire as it was dynoed and the engine mapped. This was made to the light specifics of the Caterham R 500, yet made to be more reliable and safer. Such additions were designed to add more comfort for the driver, the seat is able to be adjusted. I'm 5'8" and 200 lbs. This was made to accommodate taller people than myself and I had to add adjustable seat rails in order for me to reach the pedals. So yes, the driver seat is fully adjustable, my 5'4" father can drive it or 6'2' employee. Also, the original Caterham and Lotus plans do not incorporate a fire wall. This has a firewall, as every car with a motor should, and it is more than substantial even at it's light weight. This car was not made with the unreliable land rover engine, like the Caterham R500 but, instead it uses a 2006 GSX-R Suzuki 1000cc engine that was mapped and balanced to perform and have the most available torque with reliability. The engine has 7,100 miles on it while the car and chassis has 2600+- Miles. The engine comes stock with 178 hp, but that never makes it to the rear tires, after having everything reworked we have 168hp at the rear wheel which is just amazing. Never just believe the engine horse power, its at the wheel where it counts. This was Bob Fine's 5th Lotus Super Seven he created from Caterham and Locost kits. He has over 2000 hours of blood sweat and tears into this project and knew his son would drive it, so all the additional safety. You can buy a new kit from caterham for 23204 US Dollars minus shipping, then take the 300-2000 hours it takes to build it yourself and still not have this exciting of a machine.
This 1965 Lotus Super Seven replica also has a balanced drive shaft rather than a chain drive from the suzuki engine to the rear differential. This has a differential out of an rx7 twin turbo, making this a very strong rear end. One can do burnouts all day long if they really wanted to. It has LED head lights and running lights. The interior cockpit has a built in GPS and huge centered tachometer.This is a six speed sequential shift manual(no reverse) that is perfect for quick precise shifts up and own. This is a BEC engined Lotus with a drive shaft. It also has a dampener on the brakes if you want to set this up for track use. The front suspension is fully adjustable also for track use. It has a large 15 gallon rear racing gas tank with embedded foam so the fuel does not slosh"
Only accepted forms of payment are cash or any of the top 10 cryptocurrencies(preferably Bitcoin). Car is located in Atlanta, GA. Ebay won't recognize the vin for some reason but it has a valid VIN and a title like any other car. It is titled as a 2012 Assembled Lotus Replica and the VIN number is FLA63856.
Here's a video of me at AMP few years ago. I'm not an experienced driver at all but with this car I'm more confident to run in advanced group.

Atlanta Motorsports Park - Lotus 7 Replica 7/26/16 - YouTube

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