1967 Lincoln Continental Lehmann Peterson Limousine

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Van Nuys, California, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental
Type: Limousine
Trim: Lehmann Peterson Limousine
Year: 1967
Mileage: 101,900
VIN: 7Y80G823761
Color: Black
Engine: 462
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

1967 Lincoln Continental Lehmann Peterson Limousine

For Sale By Owner 1967 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine

by Lehmann-Peterson

This Lincoln is for sale by owner not dealer. no tire kickers, time wasters, no 419. Send an inspector or come see it. Again all appointments are to be scheduled by telephone and we can meet at the AAA office to transfer the vehicle into your name. For those who need the car shipped, I have a very inexpensive enclosed-trailer transportation company I used that is insured, safe and fast.

I purchased this vehicle in December of 2016 and gave it a lot of love.

This one has a bit of rust, being an original east coast car: So if you have a problem with that then this isn't for you. It's not to the point of no return, it's been taken care of nicely. So the rust is easy to deal with and preservable. The good part is that the car runs, brakes, steers, doesn't leak, I gave it the mechanical upgrade needed to really be able to get use of it and drive it reliably.

The best part: you can enjoy it from the first day and take your time and when you get tired of it: have the rust handled, do upgrades, throw in a sound system, or keep it original or turn it into a spaceship.

You are buying a LIncoln from someone who's an artist in a different way thru music and my story is long like this description, but I cherry pick these cars, then go thru every inch and make them run great.

So I'm not a "car broker or salesperson" I've been building cars since I was in High School: But I also paid thousands to other professional mechanics, body shops and upholstery for all my car projects and I've been friends and video taping the famous: JOHN CASHMAN - THE LINCOLN MAN who worked on all my convertibles and windows on all my limo's and cars including my 1971 Mark III that he never works on anything other than 61-67 Lincoln Continentals...

So again I believe honest and transparent ads and I like emphasizing "Rust" cause that's the only thing this limousine needs addressing to preserve it and stating this a few times cause I will be showing the inspector or buyer every part of the car that I am describing here. The main Rust is surface rust on the under carriage and the sides of the lower part of the fenders.It will need a section of the driver's floor board repaired and that's the only section of the car that needs metal work, the rest can be sand blasted, then undercoating applied and that's all it needs.

It has been painted at some point and it's not an original black Limo. It appears to be originally dark green.

I registered it with personalized black plates: 67Limo 1 - Titled in California - clear/clean title.

I went thru the entire car and this is a partial list of what I've done to it so far:

1- Rebuilt the transmission

2- Removed, cleaned and rebuilt all four door window motors and installed all new window switches. All windows function great.

3- Replaced the front and rear seats with original leather seats I had from a different car.

4- Replaced the Starter, Starter Solenoid, and cables.

5- Drivers door wiring harness was a mess, so I purchased a good used wiring harness and replaced it: which totally fixed a lot of electrical issues it had.

6- Fixed a variety of loose peak fender moldings and installed a hood star.

7- Installed Pertronix 2 Electronic Ignition Kit.

8- Cleaned up the engine compartment and straightened out the engine wiring.

9- Removed the rear bumper and rewired the taillights cause one side was jimmy-wired wrong.

10- Fixed all the grounds which needed love.

11- Oil change and all the necessary tuneups.

12- Removed Drive Shaft and changed the Carrier Bearing

13- Converted to electric fuel pump.



The Lehmann Peterson Limousine is a very rare model made famous by use as Presidential Limousines by the Kennedy and Nixon Administrations. These were available only by special order, at a substantial cost above what a normal Continental would run. Along with the Mercedes Benz 600 these were used by heads of state, captains of industry, and other wealthy clients who would have had Chauffeurs, which had of course virtually disappeared by this time.

Estimate Values: $ 65,000-$225,000 (Depending on each specific quality and preservation and or restoration.

Lehmann-Peterson of Chicago was a highly-respected builder of Lincoln limousines from 1964 to 1970 and has a very interesting history that makes the brand of special note. On February 24, 1964, Ford and Lehmann-Peterson reached an agreement to do business together, and Ford was so impressed with the quality of the conversions that it agreed to allow the normal two year or 24,000 mile warranty to apply to the limousines produced by Lehmann-Peterson.

A Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine by Lehmann-Peterson debuted at the New York International Auto Show in April, 1964, and a total of 15 were built for the model year.

The Lincoln Continental Lehmann Peterson became the motorcar of choice with government officials and business executives.

Celebrities also bought them, including:

Jerry Lewis

Jackie Gleason

Sophia Loren

Spencer Tracy

Ronald Reagan

Robert Vaughn

Victor Borge

Senator Robert Kennedy

President Lyndon B. Johnson

Governor Nelson Rockefeller

Hugh Hefner

Aristotle Onassis

As per the order sheet the car was ordered from Melrose Park Lincoln in Newark, New Jersey on March 6, 1967 with all of the standard amenities as well as Tinted Glass, Tilt Steering, Tape Player, Rear Air Conditioning, Directed Power Differential, Leather Upholstery, Electric Divider Window, Floor Foot Rests, front and Rear Reading Lights and an unusual Rear Seat Center Arm Rest Storage Compartment.


During the 1968 model year, Ford Motor Company sent out a survey to all of its Lincoln-Mercury dealerships asking for information on Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine sales to date. Ford wanted to know who had purchased them, in an attempt to better understand the limousine market, as well as to provide insight as to which areas to target in the future. Here are the results:


Because the Lincoln Continental Executive Limousines were so distinctive, they were popular vehicles in motion pictures of the time. The presence of one of these Executive Limousines said much about the person being chauffeured around. Viewers knew the person was wealthy, or had wealthy contacts or friends, that they had good taste, and that they appreciated first class accommodations wherever they went. Some of the contemporary movies with prominent scenes featuring Executive Limousines include:



A Lovely Way to Die

The Born Losers


The Wrecking Crew

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

The Rose

Where the Buffalo Roam

The Godfather Part III

RFK (TV Movie)

(A lot more to list)

Note: The movie "A Lovely Way to Die" starred Kirk Douglas and featured a 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible, which has very good scenes that show off the car very nicely early in the movie.

There are over 100 movies with suicide door Lincolns featuring a variety of body different body styles.


Many television appearances of a Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine have been noted over the years. Among the TV shows that have had scenes featuring the motorcars are Entourage, The Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres, Columbo, Gidget, and others. (We will expand this information in the future.)


Over the years, Lehmann-Peterson installed a bar in the back for entertainer Jackie Gleason, one way glass for Victor Borge, special reading lights for chauffeurs who spent a lot of time waiting for their boss, a rear porthole window instead of the traditional limousine-style glass, and for customers who thought the full-length stretch was a bit too much for their tastes, a shorter nine inch stretch could be specified. In fact, pretty much anything a customer might want could be obtained for a price. A wealthy businessman from Hawaii requested two Continental-style rear spare tire humps in the deck lid for his limousine, and liked the idea so well he asked Lehmann-Peterson to customize his Lincoln Continental Convertible to match.

Rear compartment telephones were almost expected in these cars, and passengers fortunate enough to ride in one of these luxury transports didn't have to sacrifice anything while en route. The standard Lincoln Continental was about as nice as you could possibly find at the time, and the only car that could truly surpass them was an Executive Limousine.

Please don't waste my time and I will respect yours. Deposit is non-refundable - People ask for my Ad to be taken down and I will once the deposit is paid, but each Ad on here costs me $105. And some don't realize that Sellers spent thousands of dollars on placing Ads online and marketing a vehicle. So Come see the car or send and inspector if you are not local and make sure you have your affairs in order before placing the deposit and committing to buy.

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