1989 Land Rover Range Rover Classic SWB

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Walsenburg, Colorado, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Land Rover
Model: Range Rover
SubModel: SWB
Type: SUV
Trim: SWB
Year: 1989
Mileage: 135,709
VIN: SALHV1244KA356144
Color: Colorado Silver
Engine: 3.9 V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Brown
Vehicle Title: Clear

1989 Land Rover Range Rover SWB

Southern Colorado – Rust free 1989 SWB Land Rover, 135,709 original miles

Check out the vehicle history report!

Colorado Silver with tan leather interior

Factory dog guard

I have all records of maintenance, receipts for repairs, and books, including the factory window sticker.

Now, besides ALL of that, how is this Rover different from all other Range Rover Classics on Ebay?

Loving care, factory parts, and documented service. Plus, it's 99% rust free. This Rover is a driver, and gets compliments wherever it goes. I just completed a 3 day long tour throughout the state of New Mexico, and Southern Colorado for canoeing, and it ran like a Rover should. Even better actually. It is utilized mostly as a mountain grocery-getter and a parade beast, occasionally driving between two small villages in Southern Colorado. I have been working on Rovers for over 12 years, and am the local repairman for Discoveries, P38’s and Classics in need, under a tree or in a garage.

Let's read about the love this Rover has received over the past three years of my dedicated ownership. No other Rover on the market has had this much work done to it over the past 5,000 miles. Check it all out. Look at this list versus every other vehicle listing, and see which one has had the most work put into it. Work, mind you, that YOU don't have to do:

First off...ALL OEM parts were used from Atlantic British (AB) or from the Land Rover (LR) dealership in Colorado Springs. *minus suspension -Terra Firma

· Engine rebuilt less than a thousand miles ago by Robert Bacanskas at Balta European Automotive in Colorado Springs, CO. (LR Specialist for LR engine rebuilds). Heads were fully rebuilt and new spring-style head bolts from AB were installed, with a 1000-mile sequenced re-torque done last month by Me. Look up reviews on his work.

· NEW LR timing chain, gear and gasket replaced by Robert as well.

· Wilson alternator ($285) and new belt. Wilson rebuilds alternators for Caterpillar.

· FULL COOLING SYSTEM OVERHAUL - All NEW LAND ROVER/AB PARTS. Water pump, belts, radiator, all hoses, fan, fan clutch, thermostat, HEATER CORE, expansion tank cap. Runs cool, under mid-mark all day, in any condition. Work done by NWA British Car Clinic by Neil Crozier. Neil is a LR Master Rover Mechanic located in Springdale, Arkansas, and has a great shop. Give him a shout about this vehicle. He’s from the UK and has a great accent.

· All new oil cooler lines – one custom

· NEW FUEL SYSTEM -Fuel pump and lines (PO) @ 128,000, Fuel filter, LR - fuel pressure regulator, temp sensor, coolant temp sensor – @ 134,000.

· NEW LR Starter @ 128,958 – LR Dealer

· Distributor rebuilt at LR Dealer at 128k

· NEW AB fuel injectors and O-rings – all 8 cylinders. O-rings greased and seated properly.

· Terra Firma shocks and springs/suspension (less than 3k miles on it), and steering stabilizer. It handles and rides better than stock. No Classic sag either. None. The TF kit solves that issue.

· Brake System - completely evacuated and filled with new DOT4, line by line; 4 new LR rotors were fitted approx. 1500 miles ago (3 years ago), and brand new pads with an extra brand new set of pads to go with the truck. Stops like crazy. It has incredible brakes. I live in the mountains at 9300 feet. Trust me, I made sure the brakes are proper.

· Brand new LR Intake boot and clamps.

· Completely rebuilt MAF from Fuel Injection Corp. in Florida. Kicks ass. Cost $400. This was done right. This was just done 3 months ago. Look them up.

· Intake Manifold AND Plenum were both media blasted/cleaned at rebuild.

· IGNITION - MSD Coil, NGK plugs, new Lucas cap & rotor, AB wires, and LR ignition module. All new. Truck starts first turn. Idles smooth.

· ALL Engine Managementsensors NEW except for TPS, which I had an electrical guru rebuild.

· K&N cone intake - not installed, but included. I like the stock air cleaner. K&N isn’t for dusty Colorado. Trust me on this. Use the stock air cleaner.

· All new vacuum lines under hood

· Hollowed-out cats - previous owner - sounds cool…I guess. Passes inspection here. Has not caused any problems with mixture. I like the sound. You may not. Might need a new gasket as well.

· Oxygen sensors (2) – Bosch - both brand new.

· Newer Interstate battery (1 year old) and newer cables (3 years old).

· I had my electrical guru buddy rebuild the heater fan when I replaced the heater core. – It blows crazy on high, normal on other two settings. Heats the cabin up nicely. No weak LR fan motor here!

· Rotella 10w/30 oil. Always. Heavy duty filter. Always.

· All engine seals are new - does not leak oil. None. Last changed 12/17.

· Air Idle Control Valve - New with a used extra included.

· New/rebuilt ECU/ computer module from RoverParts. Cleaned and checked by guru.

· Transmission filter and gasket replaced at 132,532. All new fluid.

· Transmission shifts smooth and fluid is very pretty. New LR filter and Lubrimoly ATF Top Tec 1200.

· Transfer case is solid as a rock and shifts smoothly with audible beep signal. Low gear will climb a house.

· ALL DRIVELINE FLUIDS EVACUATED AND REPLACED WITH GERMAN LUBRIMOLY FLUIDS less than 1000 miles ago. Yes, that means transfer case, transmission, both front and rear differentials. Both swivel ball joints drained and were then filled with new One-Shot grease from AB.

· NO WARNING LIGHTS ON in dash cluster.

· Has very nice aftermarket roof rack with hooks for tie downs coated with black bedliner.

· Hankook Dynapro M/T tires with 3/4 tread.

· Original color coded LR factory wheels in excellent condition.

· Frame and pan is fantastic. See pictures. No rust. No major scrapes, and I haven’t painted it either. It’s a little dirty in the pics.

· LR 3-point hitch with LR factory plug still in place.

· Factory jack and handle, held in by factory rubber bands in great shape. Factory spare tire.

· Has the SUPER rare factory dog guard in back in perfect shape.

· Rare Colorado Silver factory paint in good shape - still shines. Has a few areas of sun fade, one small area of clear coat peel. Zero dents in body. Rear passenger door has a small area of paint corrosion on lower quarter.

· All new window motors - previous owner. Driver’s side rear window did operate, but does not operate at this time. Haven't had the time to figure it out. Must be the switch or a connection. All other windows work fast and well, including drivers side auto-down function.

·The dash is as close to perfect as it gets. It does not have Armor All on it in the pictures. It still has factory shine to it! You have to see it and feel it for yourself. In fact, I didn’t use ANY vinyl dressing in the photos. The Rover is in person as it appears in the photos. The truck has always had a window sunscreen in place when not being driven, and a towel to cover the dash, and it shows.

· All gauges work as they should

· New LR headlight switch

· Sunroof works great with absolutely zero leaks of any kind. Closes TIGHT.

· Original carpeted mats included. The rear hatch area as well.

· Working stereo. All new speakers.

· Seat Leather in good shape - Cabella off road front seat covers – waterproof.


· All glass in perfect shape.

· New rear hatch struts from AB

· The entire rear hatch area has ZERO (0) RUST. No further explanation needed.

· The interior is in VERY good shape. Everything is there in good order. The rear tray is in near mint condition. The carpets are perfect throughout the entire vehicle.

· Door Panels - Out of all four door panels and rear tailgate panel, only one small blemish on rear passenger side door.

· Center console has no rips or holes and storage compartment is in very nice shape.

· BRAND NEW front wiper motors, and NEW HD winter blades. – Awesome.

I HAVE MORE WORK RECEIPTS, RECORDS AND PHOTOS - don't even ask how much time and money I've spent. Over $15k in the past 5,000 miles.

I did NOT wash the Rover for any of these photos, nor did I vacuum or detail it in any way. I will do that before you pick it up. I do not want to fool you about anything. Beware of glossy rides, and pictures of vehicles that have been filtered. These photos have not been filtered in any way. It shows as it sits. If something looks like rust..it's dirt. No, the tailgate area has no rust. Zero. Not a speck.

If I were to keep this Rover, I would do the following service:

1. Rover was blowing ice cold air this summer, then the compressor started squealing on a trip with my canoe, so I removed the belt. Blew ice cold though and A/C fans work very well. All parts are there. Nothing has been removed besides the belt as to keep it original. In Colorado you don't need A/C J The A/C was last fully serviced in 09’ with the compressor being fully resealed. Have receipts.

2. Missing 1 little knob on defrost handle. Works fine, just needs knob. Available anywhere for like $1. Climate selector plate has a few cracks in it. I might replace the knob and plate before the new owner picks it up if so desired.

3. Steering gearbox adjustment – easy. Has abit of travel at 75mph, but could be the snow tires.

4. If you live in an area that requires catalytic converters, these will need to be replaced as previous owner emptied them out for performance reasons (?). My county is cool with it. It does sound like a V8 now. Your county might exempt this vehicle as it is an antique.

5. New bulbs for Hella fog lights. THEY WORK…just need bulbs. I can do this if you want.

6. One front windshield squirter nozzle for the front windshield is kind of clogged. Inexpensive.

7. Rear window wiper works intermittently. *See: Land Rover Classic rear wiper…lol

8. Washer fluid reservoir has a small leak. Easy. Find it, patch it. Done.

9. Some various 5 minute this and that's. I'll send you a list. I've done 90% of what this Rover Classic needs, and have done it well.

10. Vinyl covered panels on exterior rear could use recovering. I had this done on my last Rover for $75 at an upholstery shop. Easy.

But that's about it. This vehicle has no "quirks'" and by that I mean things that work intermittently with the exception of the driver’s door lock (sometimes you have to use the key), and the rear driver’s window, and rear windshield wiper. AND THAT IS ALL THAT I KNOW OF.

My beloved Rover isn't perfect by any means, but is one of the best kept un-restored examples of a driver 1989 (best year model for simplicity) that I know of in Colorado; it is a rare model at that, and features a slightly beefed up suspension and tires for mountain touring.

Everyone that knows me knows how much personal care that I give to my vehicles, and that I only let master mechanics or me, myself work on them; and that I use top quality parts. I have refurbished German and British vehicles as a hobby for over 30 years. I do solid work. I have tons of pictures of my refurbishments, so feel free to request. This is my 4th Rover refurbishment, and the best one. I have professional references in the European car repair world. Feel free to ask if you are a serious, cash in hand buyer.

This Rover runs great, drives better, is tagged and has a clean Colorado title. There is even more than this but I'll just wait until you ask. Drive it anywhere, and I mean anywhere, but be smart and ship it unless you live less than 3 hours away, because, after all it is a 30 year old vehicle from the UK. Be smart. I generally drive it around the valley that I live in, and as such cannot guarantee your successful 2000 mile journey home should you chose to drive it there. It is a classic British vehicle. Again, be smart, not sorry.

That being said, this Rover is even better in person. You won't be let down. Your heart is going to thump when you pull up to buy it.

Pictured are all known defects (all VERY minor). Again, this isn’t a garage queen. I haven’t driven it much as I have been refurbishing it for 3 years, and I live in rural Colorado. But I drive it.

This Rover has lived its life in Arizona and Colorado, with a 3 month stay in Arkansas. It is as close to rust free as you will ever find in a driver Rover. I have all documents, including dealer window sticker, and dealer service record book with service stamps.

I am selling to fund my new business, and if you own a log home that needs restoration – Hit me up!

Better snatch this one up. It will be for sale locally and is a very well-known vehicle that locals call “Max Power.” A lady in town named her son after this Rover. He’s also well known in our community.

If you live on the east coast of the US and you are looking for that one rust-free Classic that you have only dreamt of, well, wake up. This is that vehicle. Owned by a collector to boot, in a village full of old Rovers, and this one is king of the village.

NO SCAMMERS. YOU, the purchaser, must inspect and take delivery IN PERSON, as the County Marshall is our Notary and will be witnessing the transaction. You must present valid ID to do this. I can help with transportation of the vehicle after verified funds have cleared, and I will give you an extra 5% discount on the spot if you arrive with GREEN AMERICAN CASH for purchase. I have worked with vehicle transport carriers for other vehicles that I have refurbished, and can help guide you to a reputable one. I will meet the driver and watch as it is loaded with video, on your behalf. I will NOT accept Money Orders. Cashier’s Checks in person only. I will accept cash from anywhere.

I will ONLY show this vehicle in the DAYTIME. That way you can see everything, test drive, check it all out – take your time, know what you’re buying. Have a sandwich and spend some time sitting inside, outside and underneath. Know your vehicle. It’s a crazy world. Let’s meet in the sunshine.

Please ask questions. I will answer them all honestly and respectfully. You do the same, please.

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