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El Cortijo Grande, Spain

Features and Specifications

Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Type: Crew Cab Pickup
Year: 1982
Mileage: 5,000
VIN: 00000000000000000
Color: Green & Limestone
Engine: 2.25
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Green & Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

1982 Land Rover Defender

LAND ROVER 109 SERIES II PICK UPThis vehicle is currently located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Fantastic Land Rover 109 Pick Up. Manufactured on 1965 and re-registered on 1982. Original Left Hand Drive vehicle. It's got 3 doors and the motor is in very good condition, as seen on pictures. Everything is working as it should be. You will go a long way to find a better one.
Fuel type is diesel and motor is 2.28 liters inline 4-Cylinder & water cooled. Motor is running very good. Gearbox and Engine working very good. One of the hardest 4x4. The vehicle has been very well treated and it keeps most of its original parts. Fully legal title deed and fully legal in the USA.
This is an opportunity to buy a good appreciating classic Land Rover 109 Pick Up, original and very solid. VIN NUMBER:E-60504763.
The Land Rover Santana's were built better, when Land Rover England was in the tight-fisted grip of British Leyland, Solihull assembly quality was poor and BL's investment in improved tooling and updated assembly techniques was essentially nonexistent. Land Rover England in Spain on the other hand was relatively flush, and invested heavily in improved tooling. The assembly process in Spain was superior, too, resulting in much better screwed-together vehicles. The Land Rover Santana is not the poor brother to the UK Land is a far superior vehicle in every way.
US customs and Import duties have been cleared and paid. The BYN price includes shipping to any state within continental USA, door to door delivery.
Here you are some comments I recently wrote when selling other Land Rover through Ebay:

I received a question about the spares for Land Rover. I want to share with you the answer of a person from the States who owns some of them. Hope this issue is clear:

"I have been buying, selling, restoring, driving and repairing Land Rovers for the past five years. Solihull and Santana alike. In that time, I have owned and worked on more than sixty different Santanas. SIXTY. Right now I own four. I buy everything I need from Paddock Spares in the UK (a Land Rover parts house) and in the USA, from Rovers North. In 99% of the cases all parts are identical. And in the very rare 1% of the cases where it isn’t (late 1970’s brake boosters, for example) the Rover part can be fitted with minimal hassle.

The idea that “Santanas aren’t Land Rovers” is an almost uniquely American prejudice, and invariably comes from the mouths of people who have never personally owned or worked on them. Those who have taken them apart and put them back together again know better. Santanas were built under license in Spain from 1959 to 1983, using CKD’s (complete knocked down kits) from Solihull. They are, by and large, identical.

A list of parts I have purchased for Series Santanas, all from Paddock Spares, and which all fit perfectly, includes crankshafts, valves, connecting rods, driveshafts, ball joints, springs, suspension bushings, clutches, brake parts, seats, tops, body panels, glass and window seals, master cylinders, chassis cross members, door latches, and more. Are there differences? Yes. The Santanas are built better."

- Yes, the vehicle is in Los Angeles, CA, USA. It can be seen and checked, no problem. It is parked on a famous car lot in Beverly Hills, LA.
- The vehicle is in very good condition, everything is working perfect. First seen will buy.
- The vehicle has been legally imported into the USA. Import taxes have been paid and custom is cleared. Fully legal in the USA.
- It was manufactured in 1965, as the VIN number indicates. It has been a farm vehicle / commercial truck till 1982, when it was re-registered again in order to be a private vehicle.
- Yes, it is a very rare & desirable model to find and at a very good price. Original documents are with the vehicle and it is fully legal.
- Yes, you can collect the vehicle in LA or I can organise the vehicle to be transported to any state within continental USA, door to door.
- Collector vehicle? Of course, it is a fantastic collector amazing Land Rover 109 Pick Up in very good condition. High market value, very good investment.
I have got a good & extensive collection of Land Rover Series 88 & 109...restored or unrestored...4 & 6 cylinders, 3 & 5 doors, and all running very good. Some of them are for sale but still not advertised. So, if you are a private buye, a dealer or you just want to add a nice truck to your collection... I can offer you some nice 88 and 109 ...shipping included to the USA & also customs clearance. I also offer Land Rover 88 & 109 customization built in my own workshop. Just contact me and check what I can offer you at my Land Rover Cortijo.
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