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Pleasanton, California, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Replica/Kit Makes
Model: 3S
Type: Convertible
Year: 2016
Mileage: 812
VIN: 00000000000000000
Color: Red/Black
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

2016 Replica/Kit Makes 3S ARIEL ATOM 3S 800 MILES!

2016 Ariel Atom 3S

Ariel Atom 3S
"The Ariel Atom 3S Is 365 Turbocharged Horsepower
of Grin-Inducing Insanity; More Rocket Ship than Car.”
Road & Track
800~ Break-In Miles Since New - Licensed with Clear Title
Desirable 3S Atom with Considerable Improvements vs.
The Previous Ariel Atom 3
NOTE: Our listings not only describe this particular car but also some history of the make/model, considerations in buying a classic car and facts about our firm. However, we continually hear from out of state / out of country buyers (many of our clients) that they prefer the level of detail that we provide. However, if you are not prepared to read the full listing, please read the OVERVIEW below along with viewing the PHOTOGRAPHS at the bottom. If you'd prefer, please call us at 925-846-1451 and we'll gladly discuss the 3S and answer any questions over the telephone, including our "Buy it Now” policy. And, yes, the Ariel Atom 3S can be purchased prior to the end of the eBay auction.
This car is offered at a realistic price and, unlike bidding on cars in an auction environment, you will have the benefit of extensive information and history on the car prior to making a buying decision. Equally as important is the fact that Classic Cars Ltd. has been in business for 25 years and enjoys an excellent national / international relationship with over 930 positive eBay feedback responses.
Please keep in mind that we will gladly...
1. Answer any questions over the telephone and take the time to guide prospective customers through the buying process (925-846-1451).
2. Assist with locating a quality, suitable transporter at very competitive prices.
3. Provide proof that we are licensed, bonded (for the financial transaction), fully insured, and operate from an established showroom environment.
4. Provide feedback from previous buyers, and specific references for vehicle purchases in your area (we also ask that you view our detailed eBay feedback by clicking on the number to the right of the eBay user name)
5. Offer additional information including specific photographs or clarification of any part of our description of the vehicle
Thank you again, please let me know if I can be of assistance.
Happy "eBaying"!
Paul R. Wankle, Pres.
Classic Cars Ltd.
Pleasanton, CA
Purchased new by the current owner and ordered to specification, this Ariel Atom 3S has traveled only 800~ break-in miles and has been part of an exclusive collection of collectible, exotic, and highly specialized vehicles. The 3S has never been tracked, damaged, or abused by its lifelong sports car enthusiast owner, a gentleman who appreciates high performance equipment and takes a "no expense spared” philosophy toward his impressive collection. The car is in virtually "As Delivered” condition with only the slightest imperfections that develop on a car in this class with 800 miles.
We're going to let TMI Auto Tech, Inc., the U.S.A. Importer of the Ariel Atom 3S do our work for us and take advantage of their wonderful summary of the new Atom 3S. Serious buyers will find the Atom's history and significant improvements to the 3S worthy of reviewing. Excuse the length, but we are of the opinion that, in the case of the Atom 3S, the old adage "More is Better” applies. From TMI Auto Tech, Inc.:
The new era of the Ariel Atom in North America is here, and TMI AutoTech is extremely excited to be releasing the most aggressive and mind blowing performance figures for the Ariel Atom 3 platform. Please welcome the Atom 3S.
Building off experience dating back to 2008 as the exclusive North American manufacturer of the Atom has given TMI many ideas of how to extract additional performance from this unique, lightweight ultra-performance car.
Future Atom owners will still have the ability to select their option choices from the tried and tested standard Ariel Atom 3,
however, for 2015 a vehicle called the Atom 3S has been packaged to bring together some of the best new options with the long standing history of the Atom 3. The Atom 3S debuts features never before seen on the Ariel Atom 3 platform.
TMI AutoTech has designed a fully intercooled turbo charging system that mates well with the Honda 2.4L engine with a major focus on performance and reliability. Owners will be happy to know that both goals have been met while pushing the engine to 365HP. Additional cooling radiators for the turbo are neatly packaged in aerodynamic twin side pods which are a unique to the Atom 3S in North America.
A brand new cockpit adjustable traction control system allows for improved acceleration and stability over a wide variety of surface conditions. A simple dash mounted dial allows for five adjustment settings of allowable wheel spin.
Braking and handling are equally matched to this new found power. The Atom 3S comes standard with Alcon 4-Piston brake calipers on all corners that utilize 2-piece floating brake discs. The 2-piece floating discs will allow for smooth and firm brake pedal feel even during the toughest track session.
The Atoms well known pushrod suspension system keeps the Atom 3S glued to the road with the assistance of JRI adjustable dampers featuring 2 piece spring layout. These dampers have been valved, and extensively tested for this vehicle providing an ample adjustment range for both road & track.
All Atom 3S will feature a full glass windscreen to allow for a clear view ahead while seated in a race inspired composite seat. Full LCD display allows for easy viewing of data such as speed, RPM, gear position, as well as water temperature and fuel level.
Each Ariel Atom 3, including the Atom 3S, are built to order by TMI AutoTech using a combination of CNC machining and fabrication as well as skilled hand craftsmanship. This approach to supercar building allows clients to see their vehicle come to life just for them in addition to the opportunity to choose from a few options to make the care their own.
ENGINE: - Honda 2.4L i-VTEC 14
- Borg Warner EFR 7163 Turbo Charger
- Aluminum Block and Cylinder Head
- Displacement: 2354cc
- Bore & Stroke: 87mm x 99mm
POWER: - 365HP @ 7500rpm
- Torque 310 ft. /lbs. @ 4400rpm
TRANSMISSION: - 6-Speed syncro-mesh transmission
w/Limited Slip differential
- Uprated Clutch
TRACTION CONTROL: - Bespoke Adjustable Traction Control System
FUEL SYSTEM: - Indirect multi-port grouped fuel injection
- Continuous flow Marwal 3.5 barelectric fuel pump
- Twin fuel filters
- 10 Gallon aluminum fuel tank
ELECTRICAL: - Electric coil over ignition
- Hondata engine management system
- Thatcham 2 Stirling Transponder immboliser system
COOLING: - Front mounted fabricated aluminum radiator
- Additional side mounted aluminum radiators
INTAKE: - Sealed Intake snorkel
- K&N air filter
EXHAUST: - Custom fabricated stainless steel system
CHASSIS: - Bronze welded 2.25”, 1.5”, and 1” diameter
- Crew/DOM steel tube
- Aluminum bulkheads
- Powder coated finish
SCREEN: - Custom full laminated safety glass
SUSPENSION: - Double unequal length fabricated wishbones
- Outboard adjustable rod ends
- Lightweight fabricated uprights
- Adjustable suspension pushrods
- Aluminum bell cranks w/needle roller bearings
- JRi custom adjustable dampers w/2 piece coil spring
STEERING: - Rack and pinion cast alloy steering rack
- Adjustable inboard joint and outboard rod ends
- 290mm suede covered steering wheel
BRAKING: - Alcon 4 piston caliper w/290mm fully floating ventilated discs
- Tilton aluminum racing pedal box
- Twin master cylinders
WHEELS: - Front: 15” x 7” - Rear: 16” x 8”
TIRES: - Front: 205/50/15 - Rear: 245/45/16
INSTRUMENTS: - LCD Digital display with speed, tachometer, water temperature,
fuel level, Odometer, shift lights, gear position.
DIMENSIONS: - Length: 3410mm
- Height: 1195mm
- Width: 1890mm
- Track: 1600mm
- Wheelbase: 2345mm
WEIGHT: - 1350lbs
- 1/8 Mile @ 6.8 seconds 103mph
- ¼ Mile @ 10.4 seconds (estimated)
We must say, of all of the thousands (literally) of cars that we have driven, we had not had the opportunity to experience the new Ariel Atom 3S. We drove the "slower” Atom 3 and, to say we were impressed would be a dramatic understatement. On our bucket list was to have a chance to drive the 3S and, thanks to a great customer, we now have had the opportunity. As an aside, having the 3S in our showroom has presented challenges. In addition to having to look at it all day and trying to get something done, has been difficult. As has turning down requests like "Can we drive it”, "Go for a ride”, "Take it for the Weekend”, etc. Finally, we've seen customers that we haven't seen in ages who "Just happened to be in the area.”
For those of you who know us at Classic Cars Ltd., you are aware that we love our jobs. We are enthusiasts and have been for more years than we care to admit, and enjoy our own small collection of sports and specialty cars. But, we have a responsibility to our customers, and prospective customers. So, we felt the obligation, in fairness to all concerned, to test drive the 3S. How else could we provide an objective, impartial and professional assessment of the car?
We are certainly used to a range of cars that most people consider ‽inappropriate” for street use. After all, we have owned more Super 7's, Caterham's and similar cars that we can remember and love taking them on long trip. We also used to race open wheel cars so, are accustomed to a car with no roof, wheels that can be seen from the cockpit, a removable steering wheel, 4-point harnesses and a fully adjustable suspension…makes sense to us. On the ‽practical” side, while the 3S doesn't have doors (who needs stinkin' doors), it is complete with the normal car "stuff”: 4-wheels, brakes, seats, transmission, headlights, speedometer, and even a windshield…and wiper! It even has a body…of sorts. Actually the 3S, compared with its predecessor, has clear side panels that provide protection from the wind and from objects hitting you during speeds at what seem like Mach One.
So, we settle into the virtually racing bucket seats, flip the ‽On” Switch, hit the starter button and, in an instant, the car comes to life. Well, this doesn't sound like a Lotus Super Seven. The air intake is inches from your head and, at first, catches you off guard. It's a great sound, but it becomes apparent that this is not your normal road car. As we pull out of the parking lot we can't help but feel that we are back in a Formula car. While there are fenders over the wheels, you can see the front tires/wheels, and everything around you…the visual effect is dramatic.
As we get out to the open road, for the first time in a while, we are hesitant to experience the performance that we have read so much about. We continue to dwell on the power to weight ratio of over 27 horsepower per lb. (365 horsepower in a car that weighs less than 1,350 lbs!) Note: Better than the 24 hp. / lb. for the Porsche 918 Spyder and 23.71 for the Bugatti Veyron).
So, we relax, take a breath and in second gear, give it about ½ throttle….Whoa! We're not even on it and it's like a high horsepower motorcycle. We realize quickly that we need more space to exercise the 3S so, while getting more used to the properly weighted steering and 4-caliper ventilated brakes, we do some cruising before getting serious. The windshield and side panels make a noticeable difference and we find the Atom comfortable with a low seating position that results in much of the wind passing over your head.
I reach one of our favorite roads, a long, smooth as glass section, with fast sweeping corners and no traffic on this mid-morning work day. It's time to see if we agree with all of the hype surrounding the 3S. The first few full throttle runs through a few gears make us aware that this car requires a new way to approach driving this car. The once tame air intake now sounds like a steam ship whistle, and the revs come up so fast that we are caught off guard and saved by the rev limiter. I realize that the power continues to come on STRONG all of the way to the redline, and that there is literally no turbo lag, or loss of thrust as the revs increase. I am learning quickly that this car requires total and complete concentration and, a lot of space to realize its full potential. Additionally, the harder I push, the better the car responds; it a car that begs to be driven aggressively and with the reliable, stout Honda power plant, there is no fear of using the Atom as it was intended to be used. Whether it be for occasional street use, or on a race track, where this car would be unstoppable, the Atom is brilliant. I could drive this car all day, but to keep the cars mileage in the 800 range, decide to return home. On the way back I can't help but think that getting in literally any other "performance” car just won't be the same.
Reluctantly, I return to the office and park the car in front of the showroom. My day is spent thinking that this experience is like no other than I can remember with a street legal car. As one magazine said, ‽It all adds up to an experience that is unlike anything this side of a motorcycle, without the chance of falling off.” Later on the day, we re-arrange the cars and the Ariel Atom finds a place in the back of our showroom…I have work to do and this car is not going to be parked by the front door.
- Classic Cars Ltd. has been in the same, small, California town for over 24 years. We operate a small, highly specialized "brick & mortar", indoor showroom, with a focus on the sale, consignment, and purchase of sports, high performance and specialty vehicles of all types. We have a particular interest in sports cars and unique vehicles.
- The majority of our vehicles come from local, private owners and collectors, and many were sold new in California. We appreciate that rust free cars, with excellent documentation and history are especially attractive to our buyers both locally, and around the country. As a result, we do not purchase our collectible cars from "distressed" sales, such as wholesale auctions, salvage sales, or lien sales. We do not sell vehicles with salvage titles, or those that have a history of significant accident damage or repair.
- We have sold hundreds of unique, classic and collectible vehicles and regularly deal with buyers that have not had the experience of purchasing a large (both physically and monetarily) item on eBay, or through an Internet source. Our eBay feedback is 100% positive on all vehicle sales from customers around the globe and is a reflection of our commitment to accurate, complete, and thorough vehicle descriptions.
- We have been shipping vehicles for years and have established excellent contacts that are not only high quality but very price competitive. We do not use brokers, terminal shipping or other discount methods. Call us or email for a quote directly to your home or office. We are often able to obtain quality enclosed transportation (the kind of travel this car deserves) for the cost of open shipping.
- Please review our feedback on eBay (user name Never22Many) representing over 930+ positive transactions to buyers all over the United States / World.
- We are fully insured, bonded, and licensed for collector car sales all over the United States/World.
- Classic Cars Ltd. carries a $50,000 Surety bond to cover financial transactions
- We frequently sell vehicles to out of State / out of country buyers, and will be glad to provide references for buyers in your area.
- As with virtually all collector/specialty vehicles, we find that parts and resources are readily available for this (and most every vehicle), thanks in large part to the Internet.
- In addition to the purchase price of the vehicle, California buyers will be subject to sales tax, a documentation fee, DMV transfer fees and license / registration. Out-of-state buyers will be responsible for the purchase price of the vehicle and any local taxes/fees will be the purchaser's responsibility to pay in their respective state. IMPORTANT NOTE: If the vehicle is delivered or driven in California and driven on California roads, sales-tax, license/registration and transfer fees will be assessed per California law.
- While we encourage telephone calls to discuss this vehicle in greater detail we will not respond to inquiries asking "What is the reserve". Also, if you would prefer that we call you to answer any questions about the vehicle; shipping alternatives, etc. please e-mail us with your telephone number and will gladly get back in touch with you.
- We encourage inspections of this Atom 3S by serious, qualified individuals or professional inspectors. Please call at 925-846-1451 to arrange a convenient time.
- As an exotic sports car, we are unable to provide a warranty or guarantee of condition. However, we make every effort to accurately represent our vehicles, and highlight both positive items as well as areas that require attention. We ask that prospective buyers consider our eBay history/feedback, standing in the community, length of time in business, and other factors when purchasing a collectible vehicle from Classic Cars Ltd.
- Minor cosmetic issues/flaws may be present on every vehicle (regardless of cost) including small chips, nicks, scratches, etc. that can be seen on even the best restoration, or even a relatively new, used "pre-owned" vehicle.
- The information contained in this description is believed to be accurate but, in some instances, has been provided by the car's owner, previous owners, or outside sources. As a result, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information. We encourage verification of "numbers" and significant data prior to the purchase of any collector vehicle that you are considering.
Thank you,
Classic Cars Ltd.

Body Type / Style:Convertible
Exterior Color:Black & Red
Interior Color:Black
Engine:2.4 Liter Turbocharged
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual


Terms & Conditions
  • Buyers outside of California will be responsible for a $195.00 fee for processing/administration. The charge will apply if the vehicle is purchased through ebay or before or after the auction, directly through Classic Cars Ltd.
  • The vehicle is listed for sale elsewhere. We reserve the right to end the auction at anytime. We will be glad to discuss details of a "pre-auction" purchase (925) 846 1451.
  • Inspections of vehicles are encouraged but (by appointment only) must be completed within 24 hours of the end of the auction.
  • Out of state buyers are responsible for the high bid and any shipping costs. California buyers are subject to the appropriate sales tax, DMV transfer, and fees associated with the purchase of any used vehicle sale in the state of California.
  • To avoid shipping the title with the car to our out of state buyers, we mail the title via Priority Mail.
  • While shipping and transportation costs (if appropriate) are the responsibility of the winning bidder, we can assist with locating a suitable transporter. We regularly ship cars all over the USA/World, and can often times locate very competitive rates for transporting vehicles door to door, to a local terminal, enclosed, open, etc. Please call us for specific information/rates to your location.
  • We meet some great people and fellow enthusiasts, and only rarely do we have problems with non-paying bidders. Please be certain that you are prepared to buy the car if you bid, or call us at 925-846-1451 before the end of the auction if we can answer any questions. If you have a "sunglass" rating or fewer than 10 feedback ratings on eBay, please call us before you bid so that we can discuss the bidding process, etc. If we do not hear from you, we reserve the right to delete your bid.

Thank You & Happy Bidding
Classic Cars Ltd.
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