2001 M1123 Enhanced TURBO/OVERDRIVE HMMWV Humvee NOT M998 Read the listing!

US $39,000.00
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Eads, Tennessee, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Hummer
Model: H1
SubModel: M1123 Enhanced
Type: 4 man soft top
Year: 2001
Mileage: 288
VIN: 11111111111111111
Color: CAMO
Engine: 6.5 Turbo-Diesel
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Green
Vehicle Title: Clear

2001 Hummer H1

As per eBay listing rules the actual vin number is 198414, as eBay's vin decoder doesn't accept a 6 digit VIN number.
Also, eBay doesn't allow users to list their phone number in the listing, but my name is Blair Outlan and my company is usedH1.
About this truck:

This is a Marine M1123 that came off the AM General assembly line in 2001. Tagged and Titled for the street in my name in Tennessee.

In 2009 it was taken in and had "MAK Armor" installed, at that time a new drive-line, including but not limited to: a fresh engine, transmission, t-case, new springs, half-shafts, brakes, geared hubs etc. When I purchased the truck with 40 miles on it, the engine had the intake manifolds taken off, and the engine was filled with water from rain and years of storage. So we replaced the normally aspirated 6.5L engine with a Heavy Block 6.5L Military (mechanical) Turbo diesel, as far as I know there hasn't been any Turbo/overdrive trucks released.

The tires are almost new, all lights are functional with LED military headlights.

Fuel system/tank has been flushed and cleaned.

Brand new military camo soft top.

Although the 6.5 normally aspirated is adequate, the turbo really shines in hill country or mountains/high altitude. Quite a bit more torque and at all rpm's. And it will top out in the low 80 m.p.h. range. (see last pic--from my GPS) Very few civilians own a Turbo/overdrive truck.

The M1123 is down the line 2 "generations" past the M998 M1038 or any rendition of a 3 speed truck. All the Marine M1123s come with deep fording kits-- all that is needed is the intake and exhaust snorkels-- the rest of the kit is there.

Do not compare a 4 speed truck (3speed with overdrive) with a 3 speed truck. Not apples to apples.


A 3 speed truck at 60 mph is above 3000 rpm, although they will potentially do 65 you are at or past redline of the engine (per manufacturer specs). How long do you think you can drive a diesel at redline? An overdrive truck will cruise at 65-70 all day long, just like a civilian H1 without being over taxed.

So now I'm going to explain the differences between a 3 speed truck (M998, M1038 etc) vs an M11 series truck:

  • 99% of all HMMWVs that have been released to the public are 3 speed, not overdrive.

  • An overdrive truck has a "Park" selector on the gear shift selector, all your 3 speed trucks have no park, just an emergency brake.

  • An M11 series truck has a serpentine 8-rib belt, if you look at a 3 speed truck with an old 6.5 or 6.2, notice the 1970s V-belts flapping all over the place, impossible to get tight and require much more maintenance over the years. An m11 series truck has a clutched alternator/generator (usually 200amp) whereas the older trucks have a 60 or 100 amp that isn't clutched. So, by the nature of a larger serpentine belt the engine stays much more balanced - hence smoother running of the engine.

  • All M11 series trucks have bigger brakes, they are what we call 12,100 brakes, and are larger rotors than the 998s. They also have larger diameter half shafts or CV shafts. (more splines) They also have an improved design on the upper and lower ball joints, with a reenforced upper mount. The idler and pittman arm are also upgraded with the new "problem solver" style.

  • OVERDRIVE: You would think that you could upgrade an older truck to an overdrive, let me explain why it's cost prohibitive (to do it Mill-spec):

1. New 4L80 Transmission $2000

2. New 242 Transfer case (the 3 speed has an older 218 not suitable for 65 mph+) $1600

3. Transmission computer (sealed water-proof and EMP proof) $1000

4. Body harness (if you can find one) and the body has to come off to install it to military specs $2000

5. Gear shift selector with Park, if you can find one, and the linkages for the different T-case/Trans$600

6. Torque converter lock up light and Transmission light installed $400

7. Rear drive shaft, different yokes on both ends $600

8. A crank trigger and throttle position sensor and engine harness to accommodate the sensors $?

9. Dipstick tube and dipstick because of fitment issues

10. Transmission cross member has to change (length of the 4L80)

11. Rear diff input yoke, which means the pinion needs to be reset/bearings

12. Re-plumb the Central venting system

13. Add 24v to 12v circuit relay/harness (also means the newer style generator with 14.4v output.

14. and LABOR to do steps 1-13 $$$

  • Power steering system has a heavy duty high pressure pump, a filtered remote reservoirwith sight glass, fluid isn't sitting on a hot pump, and holds more fluid. And for service it's at the highest point on the engine so it's easier to bleed.

  • Improved ducting system for the Heater, different crossover, better flow, especially for the driver.

  • High back seats, 3 point belts front and rear, driver's seat has a new base that has a much better adjuster-

  • All serpentine already have the location for the Air conditioning compressor, whereas some of the older trucks do not!

  • So many more things, just can't list them all.

We received this truck with 40 miles on it, I have personally put over 250 miles on the truck, done a complete 12,000 mile service, it's a strong runner and is my driver. And we will service it again before shipping to a new owner.

Brand New 4 Man soft top, all new parts/bows/doors/top, new rear 3 point belts, pads, seat backs.

Anyhow, I'm sure for the newbie Humvee enthusiast you're likely in information overload mode......

But take it from me, an overdrive in a Humvee turns it into a real vehicle, not just a glorified Gator.

..... and this is the lowest price that I have ever listed or sold a Turbo/overdrive HMMWV, I have sold this style truck for $65k many times.

Blair Outlan

A little about myself and my shop:

In 1995-1998 I was the Manager of a Hummer dealership (back when there were no other models-no H2 or H3) Thompson Hummer in Memphis, TN.

After that, I went out on my own buying and selling as well as driving H1's and Humvees.

I have bought and sold thousands of H1's and Humvees in my career, it's my life and my passion.

My small shop has built and sold trucks to Boeing, Blackwater, DARC, Raytheon, Mustang, Tier 1, BAE, and many others. We know the product better than anyone, hands down. We will not polish or paint rivits or paint the truck pink, it's just not us-- mill spec or better. We will not put carpet in your truck or promise you things that have no business being in a Humvee.

We also do custom jobs, lifts, bigger tires, lights, rear slant back racks, etc., etc.,

I am also a freight broker, and can ship the truck anywhere in the U.S. Typically $1200 to the West Cost and Mountain areas, $700 to the North East, Around $500 to the South and Central U.S. Call me for an exact quote.

I also take trades, if you have something interesting, send me a message.

Again, I apologize for not being able to put my phone number on eBay, it's their rules!

Real people, real stuff, live life... enjoy...


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