It's Ruby the Farm Truck of Auto Restorer fame, a showy and solid survivor!

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Denton, Nebraska, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Ford
Model: F-250
Type: Crew Cab Pickup
Year: 1967
Mileage: 144000
Color: red
Engine: 240-cid 6-cylinder
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: red
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

1967 Ford F-250

Thousands of Auto Restorer magazine readers watched Ruby's transformation from an abandoned hulk to a shined-up, respectable daily driver. Here's your chance to own a piece of automotive history!
Ruby has received a wealth of mechanical and cosmetic improvements, which are listed below. This sale includes color photocopies of the Auto Restorer series so you'll know everything about the history of your new truck.
Technical details: 240-cid in-line 6, 131-inch wheelbase, 8-foot-long bed, Warner manual 4-speed (with granny gear) transmission, Dana 60 rear axle (7,400-pound capacity), 4.10 differential. Mileage: 144,851.
Extras: Included are a big batch of receipts and a service log containing all work performed since 2008.
The scoop: The doors close with a solid thunk, the original paint looks great and everything but the horn works as it should. All four tires have plenty of meat left on them. The truck has 300 miles on a complete brake job. As the photos show, the rocker panels are 99% solid, the exception being a small hole on the driver's side. Underneath, the rear cab corners and the cab braces are rusty and the truck needs front cab mounts. Although the easy-starting engine is lively enough on the road, compression is low in the No. 1 cylinder and the engine burns oil. Eventually, the engine will need new rings or a rebuild.
All in all, Ruby the Farm Truck is a showy, solid survivor that turns heads wherever she goes. Next stop - your barn?
Here is the list of improvements that Ruby has received:

*grease king pins
AXLE, REAR *fresh 80W-90 gear oil *new differential pinion seal
BRAKES *complete brake job, including turning drums and installing new wheel cylinders, master cylinder, brake hardware, grease seals and hoses *replace three metal brake lines *new brake light switch *reinforce (by welding) a loose pedal bracket under the dashboard
CLUTCH *lubricate clutch linkage
COOLING *back-flush radiator and engine *new heater and radiator hoses and hose clamps *new 195-degree thermostat and gasket *new radiator cap *install fan belt
ELECTRICAL *new battery (June 2019) *new pos. and neg. battery cables; new solenoid-to-starter cable *clean all bulbs & sockets; reinstall bulbs using dielectric grease *new turn-signal flasher *clean inside starting motor and install new drive gear
ENGINE *power-wash to remove baked-on grease and oil *remove and thoroughly clean distributor and replace contact points, condenser, rotor and vacuum chamber *replace spark plugs *adjust valve lash *straighten warped valve cover & install new valve-cover gasket *change oil and oil filter
EXHAUST *new doughnut gasket between manifold and exhaust pipe *new muffler, tailpipe, tailpipe hanger and clamps
FUEL *rebuild carburetor *remove gas tank to treat with Marine Clean and Metal Ready and seal with POR-15 gas tank sealer *replace gas tank's rubber filler-tube hose *new rubber grommet where filler tube passes through cab *new Stant chrome gas cap *new brass float on the gas tank's sending unit *new Carter M4014 fuel pump *new fuel filter *clean oil bath air cleaner
U-JOINTS *install 3 new greaseable U-joints
SPRINGS & SHOCKS *install new Monroe gas-charged shocks at all 4 wheels
STEERING *grease tie-rod ends *new flexible coupling (rag joint)
TRANSMISSION *drain and refill *new transmission pinion seal *lube speedometer cable with AC General Purpose Grease
BODY, INSIDE *patch floorboards *new floor mat *replace driver's aluminum step plate *new seat belts and anchor bolts *general cleaning *polish dashboard paint *polish chrome door and window-riser handles *grease remote-control door-opening and window-riser mechanisms *vacuum dirt from inside doors *clean vinyl dash pad with Marine Clean and protect it with Boss Gloss *new rubber brake and clutch pedal pads *disassemble speedometer to clean dirt from the gauges and inside the plastic lens *steam-clean seat upholstery
BODY, OUTSIDE *to bed floor, apply Marine Clean, 1 coat of POR-15 and 2 coats of Herculiner *polish taillight and turn-signal lenses *replace windshield-washer bag, hose *paint bumpers and grill with 2 coats POR-15 and 2 coats WhiteCote *sand and buff paint; seal it with synthetic wax *new wiper blades *repair cracks in windshield gasket with DAP black silicone rubber sealant
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