Vintage 1968 Ford F-600 2 Tons Commerical Truck

US $19,000.00
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Paso Robles, California, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Ford
Model: 2 tons flatbed
Type: Flatbed truck
Year: 1968
Mileage: 49,000
VIN: F60DRC89571
Color: Almond White
Engine: 361
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Almond White
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

1968 Ford 2 tons flatbed


I am selling a great vintage running 1968 Ford F-600 flatbed truck with sides. It’s a 2 tons truck. I bought the truck three years ago from two brothers who owned a farm and sold their farm. The truck was mainly used to carry sheep within 1 mile. The truck was originally owned by a well-known rodeo rider in Fresno. His last name was Waller and on the door shows Waller Ranch Fresno. I have met two people at vintage trailer rally and they recognized the truck. They were surprised to see the truck still exist. I was told that his family still lives in Fresno.

I bought the truck to tow my vintage trailer but sold the vintage trailer, so I really have no use for the truck. It would be a great farm truck to carry barrels, animals, hays, and many more. I have invested a lot of money and hours making the truck into a great running condition. The works done on the truck are:

Engine: The engine is a 361 V-8 with 4-barrel Holly carburetor. The engine is original with 48,918 original miles. I replaced new fuel pump, fuel filter, flushed radiator, fresh coolant, new radiator cap, new oil pan gasket, oil filter, fresh oil, new oil pressure switch, water temperature switch, new battery trays, new dual horns, new battery switch, new deep cell battery to run lights when engine is off, new spark plug wires, new spark plugs, new distributor cap, rotor, point, replaced air compressor oil, and was finely tuned.

Brakes: There are two kinds of brake boosters. The truck is currently using original vacuum booster with brake fluid. There is another air brake booster that operates brake fluid for the truck and air brake for the trailer. The air brake booster was rebuilt and is not connected to the brake system. You can do that yourself if you plan to tow a heavy-duty trailer that uses air brakes. There are two pipes with caps in the back of the truck to supply air to the trailer. I replaced all new brake shoes, spring kits, wheel cylinders, brake fluid lines, master cylinder, wheel bearings, seals, and brake fluids.

Transmission: They are original and works great. The transmission is 8 speeds (4 high & 4 low.) I replaced new gear oil in the rear end and transmission. The transmission is manual. All U-joints has been greased.

Exterior: The original paint color was white, Mr. Waller painted the truck to cream white with logo on the doors and added cool pin stripes. There are some small rust areas and it was not my concern. I liked the looks of an old vintage “tank” truck. I repaired the wiring for all lights to work. I replaced 5 new roof clearance lights. I replaced all NOS Dietz 276 Red & Amber lenses for the turn signal. I added 4 used Dietz 276 lights in the back to light up the bed with 4 NOS Dietz 276 clear lenses. I replaced 6 NOS Yankee clearance marker lights (2 reds & 4 ambers) on the sides. I replaced 2 new taillights. I installed new 2” X 10” X 17” Douglas fir woods on the truck bed and it is very solid. I replaced some gate pockets and installed new 4 feet stakes, latches, and 1” X 6” Douglas fir wood. I custom build a door on the left side for an easy access to get on the truck bed. Two new mufflers and pipes from the headers to the top of the bed frame to make it look like a semi-truck. There are 3 fuel tanks, the original 25 gallons tank is behind the seat, the tank was cleaned, replaced new sending unit, wiring and hoses. The second square tank (I think 50 gallons) on the left side with a step was cleaned, replaced new sending unit, wiring, and new hoses. The third-round tank (I think 50 gallons) was cleaned, does not have sending unit but is used as a storage tank to supply fuel to the second tank. I added an electric fuel pump with switch to pump fuel to the second tank when the fuel is low in the second tank. Isn’t that cool? I replaced all 4 new Monroe shocks, 6 new tires, and 2 new mud flaps. There are 3 different trailer connectors (round 7 prongs, flat 7 prongs, and round 4 prongs.) They all are wired and works. There are various kind of trailer hitches.

Interior: The interior is very clean compared to when I first bought the truck. I stripped the whole interior and replaced new headliner, seat cover to vintage fabric, 3 used Ford seat belts, new floor mat, new door armrest/handle, new rubber seal for the doors, new rubber seal for the windshield & rear window, new boots for the stick shift & parking brake, new glove box, new dash pad, new switches for back-up light, clearance lights, truck bed lights, new dome light lens, new voltage reducer switch, cleaned all gauges, repair some wiring, and new rear view mirror. There are two separate gauges, the original gauges are on the dash and they are reconnected and works. The second gauges are under the dash and they all are connected and works. The horn button works, and the air horn works too.

The truck comes with an original manual, original wiring diagram manual (very hard to find), new replica shop manuals. I have a binder with all receipts that were spend on the truck. Original black/yellow commercial plates. I have clean title on hand to transfer to new owner. It’s a very strong commercial truck and well spend to make it run another 50 years. It’s a great truck for farming, vineyards, constructions, and towing vintage trailers. Read the expense list based on what I have invested on the truck.

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