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Cumming, Georgia, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
Type: Convertible
Year: 1960
Mileage: 86,227
VIN: 0Y73Y138698
Color: Raven Black
Engine: 352 cid
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Black/White
Vehicle Title: Clear

1960 Ford Thunderbird




GENERAL BACKGROUND...The 1958-1960 Thunderbirds were far more successful in the marketplace than the 1955-1957 (2-seater) predecessors. The new Squarebirds introduced a 4-seat with console personal luxury form factor that took the premium coupe world by storm. Everyone followed: GM with the Riviera and many others, as well as high-end brands like BMW, Mercedes, & Bentley which all - to this very day - produce premium coupes with the same 4-seat with console personal luxury layout that the Squarebirds of 1958-60 introduced so proudly! It is difficult to think of a more influential American car. So its place in history is secure, and will only be more appreciated in the years to come. Get yours now before they are "re-discovered" and get priced out of reach!

Also, these cars are famous for their much higher than normal build and assembly quality. This was because the engineering and assembly of the car was shared with Lincoln...and T'Birds were built ONLY in the Wixom Assembly Plant, right alongside Lincolns.

THIS CAR's current President of VTCI's (Vintage Thunderbird Club International) metro Atlanta Chapter, I get to see a lot of T'Birds. I have owned them since 1972. This 1960 convertible is a real rarity...a car that did not require a true "restoration". It was obviously in a dry climate for decades...likely since new. The body and undercarriage are remarkably solid. I have listed this car for a good friend - a previous President of our club who bought it from a fellow longtime member. It was remarkably well-kept,but did deserve new paint (professionally wet-sanded and polished), new carpet, a bit of chrome re-plating, and some mechanical work...but NOT a total "tear-down and re-assembly" which would have been overkill on a car with this much intact Ford-build originality. The result, is what I would call a "show driver". Good enough to win consistently at local shows, and something that would score respectably even in an International Convention - such as the one held last September here in Atlanta by VTCI - but that is not so crazy nice (e.g. like many 300-point $100,000+ restorations) that you can't enjoy it.

VIN #0Y73Y138698 DECODING INFORMATION...0 (1960), Y (Wixom Assembly Plant), 73 (Convertible), Y (352 cid V8), 138698 (Assembly sequence number)

DATAPLATE DECODING...76A (Convertible Body), M (Corinthian White), 56 (Black/White Vinyl Trim), 09C (March 9, 1960 final assembly date), 4 (Cruise-o-matic Automatic Transmission), 3 (3.10 Axle Ratio).

JAN 2018 NADA PRICE RANGE w/Factory A/C...$41,790 (Avg) to $55,440 (High)

LOCATION: Cumming, GA (40 miles north of Atlanta)

EXCELLENT INVESTMENT – NADA values are definitely on the rise, and the historical importance of the first 4-seater/console/personal luxury form factor introduced by these cars is being re-discovered in the marketplace.

THE FIRST 12 PICTURES will give you a general overview of this very fine looking T'Bird, but if you are seriously interested...please be sure to look at ALL 150+ images because we want you to see EVERYTHING.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING...TO SEE ALL THE IMAGES: There are over 150 images that will show the car in great detail. BUT, to see ALL of the images, you MUST place your cursor DIRECTLY ON an image...and then scroll gently ALL the way to the bottom (be sure to allow time for all the images to load). CAUTION: If you use the scroll bar to the FAR right of your screen - OR, the "Click to View Image Album" feature - you will NOT be able to see all the images!
Over 2,900 TRANSACTIONS WITH HAPPY PEOPLE! As of the date of this listing, we've had over 2,900 transactions (both Buying and Selling) on eBay without a single complaint. One of the keys to our success is to show larger and more images than almost any other eBay you can clearly see what you are getting. We also give a very detailed description of the car...not just a couple sentences like many listings.

QUESTIONS?...after reviewing ALL the images and reading the entire description, please call Jim Murphy if you have any questions: 706-429-7924

IMPERFECTIONS - NO car is perfect.This car is very nice and quite frankly, is a stunner both on the road and at shows. Everyone wants to take in its "Batmobile" good looks. However, as mentioned earlier, this car was in unusually nice original the decision was made not to do a total "take apart and re-assembly". It seemed far wiser to leave the good work that "Henry" afforded the car at Wixom Assembly to remain. So, cosmetics like paint, chrome, carpet, etc. were addressed...and mechanical work was done where needed. But there is a "patina" of originality remaining, that most collectors actually seek and appreciate. So please look at ALL the images, the vast majority will illustrate how very nice the car is, but others - by intention - will show imperfections. Please make special note of the final images on the left, as they show examples of some imperfections of the type that you should expect. And, you may find additional ones despite our efforts to show everything of significance that we found.

OPERATIONAL REPORT - the car drives nice, with smooth engine and transmission performance. The Coker-brand radial tires improve the ride/handling greatly, while maintaining the original look. All the factory gauges work, though the indicator lights are unreliable, so two modern gauges were connected. The modern oil gauge comes in handy, because Ford's "oil" light glows intermittently depending upon its mood...much as it did even when new! Similarly, the modern voltage gauge gives reliable indication. The modern temperature gauge was not connected because the factory gauge works fine.

Fortunately, the car has manual windows (power windows can be very problematic on this era of classic). All mechanisms work, but a bit of lubrication may ease operation of the rear ones in particular. There is also a bit of "play" on some of the cranks.

The power steering is effective, and makes the car easy to maneuver. Despite the pedal's proclamation of "Power Brake"...the brakes are not at all like any modern 21st century braking system. Stops require a bit of advance planning and considerably more pedal effort than modern cars. Brakes were a serious weakness on all 1950s era cars, and the advent of disc brakes - pioneered largely by Thunderbird and Lincoln in 1965 - was welcomed.

The power top - ideally - works with the single lower dash control identified in the pictures. It has been working well, but sometimes has its quirks. All new solenoids were installed to improve reliability, but there are still many 1960 era components (primarily limit switches) which must work perfectly in concert with one another for single-control/up-down operation. Since new in 1960, it is not uncommon for these tops to stall mid-cycle when a limit switch fails to trigger. To help with repairing and adjusting, a "Fail-safe" button near the left rear passenger's foot-well will open the deck lid to allow access to all top components. We had to use it once during the photo-shoot, and it enabled a full powered up-down cycle. But with the top up, the deck lid stopped about 1/2 inch of full closure...once again, a limit switch adjustment for power screw-down is likely needed. With top down, the deck lid powered down completely just fine.

All external lights (except left license plate lamp) are operational, as are the wipers, heater, and radio (Note: antenna needs replacing...a new one is being acquired and will be included with the car, or sent to new owner upon its arrival).

Non-operational items that we are aware of: Air Conditioning, lighter, windshield washer and horn.

ODOMETER the time of listing, the odometer indicated 86,277 miles. Due to the design limitations of the odometer, there is no way to verify actual miles with certainty. However, due to the unusually high degree of impressive originality that exists, we do believe it to be accurate.

FENDER SKIRTS...the current owner likes the slightly sportier "open" rear wheel wells, and I tend to agree. However, the original fender skirts (in storage) are included with the car.

PAYMENT DETAILS: Payment is due within 2-business days of auction's end via Bank to Bank wire transfer.

INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS are welcome, but MUST adhere to the SAME Payment Terms detailed above and also make all arrangements for the pick-up and importation of the Vehicle into the Buyer's country.
ABOUT ME: I am an avid Classic Car enthusiast. After retiring from 30 years of Sales & Marketing in a Global 100 company, I began buying and selling Classic Cars and Collectibles as a collector, and also market collectible/investment vehicles for friends, fellow enthusiasts, and other clientele. This beautiful T'Bird is owned by a good friend and past President of our local T'Bird Club (Atlanta Chapter of Vintage Thunderbird Club International).
Please Note: as of this date, we have had over 2,900 eBay transactions with 100% Positive Feedback...this includes the sale of many Classic Cars to Buyers all over the world, including Great Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Australia, Russia, Canada, Japan and throughout the United States.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENT & FINAL REMARKS: A Bill of Sale and the Georgia Vehicle Registration will be provided to the Buyer. NOTE: the State of Georgia did not issue auto titles back in 1960 - and so they do not do so for those cars even today! Instead, the registration card has a "Non-Title" notation and also serves as the owners legal proof of ownership. Rest assured that every state must respect all other state's motor vehicle laws, and that the car can be successfully registered and insured in any state.

This Vehicle is sold strictly as-shown and on a final as-is basis without any warranties expressed or implied due to age. All classic cars (even the most expensive) will require continual maintenance, service, and repair - often without warning. We have presented the car accurately to the best of our ability, but oversights are possible. Therefore - before the auction's end - bidders are welcome to examine the vehicle in person. All sales are final.

Please be sure to review ALL the images and ALL the captions because they relate important information too!

QUESTIONS?...after reviewing ALL the images and reading the entire description, please call Jim Murphy if you have any questions: 706-429-7924


I accept the following forms of payment:
  • Please see description write-up for Payment Terms

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