2013 Ferrari California 30 w/ extended Ferrari new car warranty grigio titanio

US $136,000.00
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East Greenwich, Rhode Island, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Ferrari
Model: California
Type: Convertible
Year: 2013
Mileage: 18,000
VIN: ZFF65TJA9D0195107
Color: Grigio Titanio
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: DCT
Interior color: Cuoio
Vehicle Title: Clear

2013 Ferrari California

Up for sale -- reluctantly, life intervenes -- is my 2013 Ferrari California 30. This is the last and the best of the normally aspirated Californias. I've owned this car since July of 2015, it was bought from Ferrari of New England with just 5,000 miles on it. I extended the existing factory bumper to bumper warranty by two years in 2016, so it is fully covered under the new car warranty through the end of June -- it expires June 28, 2018. At that point, the warranty can be renewed annually via Ferrari's New Power program. The 2013 cars also came with free scheduled maintenance for 7 years, so that is good through the end of June 2020.
*** note, I am not new to eBay, I have a long positive history which I can provide upon inquiry, don't really want my other business customers aware of the auction on this car, for obvious reasons. ***
The California 30 is the last of the normally aspirated Californias. It was offered in the US for 2013 and 2014. It's called the Cali 30 because Ferrari lightened the car by 30 kilograms and added 30 horsepower, which makes the car noticeably quicker than the original California. This version of the California puts out 483 horsepower and 372 lb-ft of torque with an 8000 rpm redline. It will do 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 194 mph. It offers the best of both worlds ... a hardtop convertible for open-air driving (an experience second-to-none in a Ferrari, trust me) but the secureness and feel of a coupe with the top up.
The car is finished in grigio titanio metallizzato, which is a metallic dark silver that beautifully accentuates the lines of the car. People will tell you that red is the only color for a Ferrari; I can tell you that my first Ferrari (an F430 Berlinetta -- that's a coupe) was red (rosso corsa) and while it is "the" color for a Ferrari, it's also nice to fly a little bit under the radar -- both from the law and onlookers. the interior is what Ferrari calls "cuoio" -- that translates to "natural" and it is a beautiful tan color. No cheap leather in these cars, it's exquisite.
The car had a new sticker of $237,825.00. It is a well-optioned car ... yellow brake calipers, central tunnel in leather, tunnel armrest in leather, Daytona seats, full electric seats (including heating), black piping on the seats, horse stitched in black on the headrests, Scuderia Ferrari shields on the fenders, front and rear parking sensors, Homelink mirror. Most importantly, the car has the beautiful 20" Sport Forged Diamond 5-spoke rims that are the best available on any California, in my opinion, and the vital Magneride dual-mode suspension.
Upon taking delivery, the first thing I did was have the paint corrected and the car fully wrapped in XPel film to protect the paint. A good thing I did, too, because the car immediately took a rock hit on the front hood, which damaged the film but not the paint below. I left it that way, for luck, rather than replace the film on the hood. It's worked to date. From the previous owner, the car has some scratches underneath the front bumper (parking lot divider, probably) but that is not visible unless the car is up on a lift. There was one small chip in the paint on the back trunk lid, that is under the film now. The film is removable, if you want to, but it's is trouble free to have it on there, the car is very easy to wash and you don't have to worry about scratches, swirls or anything else ... that's a lot of peace of mind on these cars.
The car is up-to-date on scheduled maintenance, the next one is due in May. That's free for the next three services. The warranty in place on the car is a Ferrari extension of the original new-car warranty, so it covers everything as if the car were fresh off the showroom floor. It can be extended as Ferrari's New Power warranty as of June 28, 2018, which will cover the major components. Roadside is included.
I have driven this car a lot over the last 2.5 years, by Ferrari standards. The cars that sit, in my experience, are more prone to problems, it's good to use these cars as they were intended to be used, and the California is perhaps the best Ferrari for that ... it's a comfortable GT car that you can cruise effortlessly in with your significant other, or you can unleash the beast and go howling around the back roads (or track) as much as you want, it's a real split personality car. The engine sound is, of course, to die for ... I came from Porsche 911s and this is a whole different world from those cars. You get beautiful triple-blipped downshifts, rifle-crack upshifts under power (flames out of the tailpipe, no doubt). The sound is intoxicating. There is all the power in the world on this car and the handling is incredibly sharp and accurate, you can't approach its limits on the street (if you have any sense at all). You can drive it easily in heavy traffic, too, great visibility and very comfortable, heat and AC work great. Radio ... hell, who listens to the radio in a Ferrari? There is one, and it works, or at least it did the one time I turned it on. Bluetooth works for your phone, no problem.
As far as reliability, it's been terrific. The only issue I've had with the car was a go-around with a faulty top sensor that was causing roof error messages. The roof was operating fine, the car would throw errors with the top fully up or fully down, usually going over a bump that would jostle the bad sensor and cause the error. It took a few tries with the dealer to sort that out (there are multiple sensors) but the car has been just fine for 8000 miles now. That was fully covered under the existing warranty, and would continue to be covered if you choose to extend the warranty. Brakes are carbon ceramic -- no dust.
This is a terrific first Ferrari, and it was a terrific second Ferrari for me ... very fast, easy to drive. I love this car, and I will miss it. Hope to get another someday. Clear Rhode Island title in hand. Bank transfer and it's yours. It's garaged, and always has been. I can get the car to Ferrari of New England for you, weather permitting, I don't drive it when the roads are salty or sandy. But the car is fully covered bumper to bumper at any Ferrari dealer through the end of June, so you can buy with confidence. I do recommend extending the warranty, the peace of mind is well worth the price.
Happy to answer any questions. I provided a lot of photos. This is a Ferrari that has been driven, not a garage queen, but it's beautiful and in excellent condition. Tires (Michelins) were replaced recently. Battery new last year. I have an extra set of these rims in great condition, too, if you're just admiring the way they look and want them for your own California, drop me a line.
May the horse be with you.
PS -- No idea why the AutoCheck shows a Princeton NJ item, it's never been there. The car was at Cauley Ferrari in Michigan, and Ferrari of New England got the car from them on my behalf. If you run a Carfax, the car may show a service being done at Cauley after I already owned it, that was just a rim being refinished as the paint on the hub had rub marks from a tiedown strap from being trucked to Boston, and we sent the rim back to Cauley when the driving season was over.
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