1954 Chevy (210) Belair

US $12,500.00
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Belle Chasse, Louisiana, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Bel Air/150/210
Type: Sedan
Trim: 210
Year: 1954
Mileage: 2,200
Color: Silver
Engine: 5.3l LS
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Blue/ White
Vehicle Title: Clear

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 210

1954 Chevy 210 Belair

condition: fair

cylinders: 8 cylinders

drive: rwd

fuel: gas

paint color: silver

size: full-size

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

type: sedan

II am selling this car because I have purchased another project vehicle and would like to make room by selling this one. This Belair has been my labor of love for the past three years and hopefully you can provide her a good home.


The engine in this car is anLS-series5.3-literLM7 from out of a 2004 Chevy Silverado. It's mountedwithsolid motor mounts from Dirty Dingo. Acustom-madeengine harness form PSI gives power to thestand-aloneengine managementsystem. Furthermore, the PCM has a custom tune to unlock all this 5.3L has tooffer from a stockmotor.Cold, denseair is stuffed into the motor through a custom ram air intake.Themotor is cooled by an aluminum three-core radiator with dual electric fans. The fans are programmed to come on at 190 and 195respectively.Finally, fuellines have been replaced with steel braided fuel lines.


Power is transferred to the wheels through a 2004r transmission built by MonsterTransmission.Furthermore, Monster Transmission was verythoroughwith this custom build, for example, they required me to give them the engine size and horsepower,theweight of vehicle, tire size and rear axle ratio. Thus, whateverenhancementsthey recommendedI told them to throw it in there.This monster has an upgraded sun gear and friction plates, corvette servo, and a shift kit to make tires bark under hardacceleration. The transmission is held in place with a tubular transmission crossmember from Walton Fabrication.Finally, toshift herthroughgears a pro-ratchet shifter with reverse lockout was installed.


The interiorofthis vehicle is in greatcondition, for example, the seats have no wear, the ceiling liner is not falling and everything on the dash is there. However, the carpet is faded and worn.Furthermore,mostofthe door glass hascracks, and the windows need felt replaced. Keeping the interior looking as original aspossibleand bringing it into the future,Dakota Digital gauges were installed in the dash. Furthermore, the speedometer is registered through GPS(nocable to thetransmission), as a result, no matter what you change your tire size to the speedometer does not need to be adjusted. To help with theft, a key fob is needed on your person to activate the push button start.


For starters,I had toget the Belair out of the sky, as a result, 2 coils were removed from the frontcoil springs for a2.5-inchdrop in the front. Thentherearhas 3-inchlowering blockswith air shocks installed to give it a smoother ridewhen the trunk isloadeddown,andthe family is crammed in the back seat, in addition to,stopthecar from bottoming out from all the weight in the rear.


The go was upgraded, so the stop had to be upgraded. A front brake discconversionkitfromPerformance Online (POL)wasinstalled,thekit includeddrilled and slotted rotors. The rear drums wereadjustedand new wheel cylinders were installed.Furthermore, apowerbrake booster, dual master cylinder, and vacuum reservoir kits were installed to make this car stop like a modern vehicle. Thus, no more pumping brakes to stop.5-poundproportioning valve was installedin linefor the disc brakes and 10-pound proportioning valves were installed for the drum brakes in the rear. Finally,allbrake lines havebeenreplaced with steelbraided brake lines.


Soon as I got this54 Belair in mygarage, itwas disassembled anda frame off restorationbegan. The only major cancer on the car wasthepassenger side rockerpanel. The rocker panel was cut out and a reproduction piece was welded in. Theentire undercarriagewas cleaned, treatedwithCoraseal, and a rubberized undercoating was applied. The firewall was moved back 4-inches to allow the 5.3Ltofit, as a result, you have a panel you can unboltfor maintenanceon the backof the engineif needed. Furthermore, all the body bolts and pads were replaced before the body was put back on theframethat was cleaned, treated and painted with Chassis Saver.I wanted a smoother look so after the chrome was removed theholeswere filled in. Uponthe completion of the bodywork,I applied Chassis Saver to deter the car from rusting until I decided to paint the car. The hood ornament was deleted and replaced with a bullnose clipthat givesthehood a clean look. I couldn’t see 10yds ahead of me onanunlit road,sothehalogenheadlights werereplaced with L.E.D headlights. Furthermore, the parking andturnsignallightshave beenupgradedwithL.E.Dsas well.The faded hood and trunk emblems were replaced withexcellent reproduction pieces. Finally, the vacuumcontrolledwindshield wipers were replaced with a modern12-voltreproduction system.

What needs to be Done

Everything major has been done to this vehicle to make it drive and stop safely. However, there are several improvements I have not accomplished. The list is as follows: all 4 doors needweather-stripping,themajorityofthedoor glasshascracks and need to be replaced,sothe glass does not vibrate in the doorframethe window felt needs to be replaced,trunk needs weather-stripping, and it needs a paintjob. In addition, a couple ofthecreature comforts you can add is a radio, air conditioning, and seatbelts.

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