Rare Antique 1947 Buick Super 4 door sedan

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Fredonia, Wisconsin, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Buick
Model: Super
SubModel: Super
Type: Sedan
Trim: Extra Chrome + spare tire
Year: 1947
Mileage: 35,906
VIN: 67P4461649278045
Color: Grey
Engine: in line 8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual on column
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear

1947 Buick Super Extra Chrome + spare tire

Hi antique car lovers. This car is the same age as me. At 70 years old my arthritis is preventing me from restoring it myself. I want to give a younger person the chance to appreciate a car when all cars were not identical. Here is a rare opportunityto restore a wonderful auto. This car was driven into a garage 49 years ago in 1969 and has not been touched since. What a fun project for a person that knows mechanics and likes old cars. This could be a nice gift for Dad or Grandpa in your life that is handy and needs something worthwhile to do. This was going to be my retirement project.Please be sure to look at all 12 photos posted. The last 3 photos show a restored car and how I arrived at a value and selling price of this car. Let me go over the attached photos one at a time.Photo 1 notice that most of the chrome is good. The painted area of the car will need sanding but there are NO rust holes in the body. There are no thin spots in the body where rust is comingthroughfrom the under body. A lower photo show rustproofing that was installed when the car was new. The white you see by the hood ornament is only glue from duct tape as I had foam rubber covering the hood ornament to keep from damaging it.
Photo 2 notice how nice the chrome is. Also see the photo of the restored red 1947 I have posted and notice the aftermarket chrome that this car has that is not on that car. Again the rust on the body is superficial.
Photo 3 Ya there are cob webs and some lite rust on the valve covers but please notice how solid the firewall is with zero rust. And the original flexible hose seen on the left not rotted away.
Photo 4 Looks like one section will have to be rechromed but the rest is beautiful.
Photo 5 shows the side lever as this hood opens sideways and notice the solid body, wipers and general lack of rust.
Photo 6 shows bodywork started but not completed but as I said the body is solid.
Photos 7 through 9 are removed chrome trim parts removed to sand and paint the body. Notice the two lamps. Look at the front photo of the car, enlarge it and notice the small holes on each side of the front windows where the lamps are installed. They are missing on the finished restored cars seen in lower photos.
Photos 10 through 12 is extra aftermarket chrome that goes with the car. Notice that the rear of my car has this extra chrome installed and you do not see it on the restored car photos listed below. Keep in mind photos 11 and 12 could be very valuable on the market and bring some big money if you market it the correct way and maybe sell it to someone who already has a restored 1947 and would like to add its to his already perfect restored car missing these. You do not come across aftermarket 1947 chrome...ever.
Photo 13 is the licenseplates that was left on the car when parked in 1969. Notice the model "super" is upside down and can be fixed easy.
Photos 14 and 15 show the front door panels and the solid chrome over the solid floor edge. Notice very little rust and nothing is torn.
Photo 16 shows the dash and has some minor rust. What can I say. I have rust also! We are both 70. lol.
Photo 17 show the odometer with the mileage.35,906 miles!
Photo 18 show the original seats with 2 tears. Could be reupholstered or covered.
Photo 19 shows the pristine rear floor and seats.
Photo 20 shows the rustproofing in the trunk that was installed in 1947 and why the car is so solid.
Photo 21 show a fully restored 1947. Aint she beautiful? You could easily do this to this car. When my car is complete it will be more spectacularthan the red and black one I attached!
Photo 22 and 23 shows the historical value of this car. $8,500 if it just runs or $35,200 totally restored. I added this as I want potential buyers to see my thinking when establishing a selling price.
If you want to inspect it you certainly can. My email address is rboyer2@wi.rr.com if you want to communicatewith me.

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