1967 Buick Skylark 1968 Chevelle SS396 1969 Pontiac GTO 1970 Olds 442 W-30 Hemi

US $15,000.00
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Mandan, North Dakota, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Buick
Model: Skylark
Year: 1967
Mileage: 99,999
Vehicle Title: Clear

1967 Buick Skylark

WOW ! WOW ! WOW! When you see this car, walk around it,look it over, top to bottom, then you get in it and take it for a spin, if your not speechless, WOW ! will be the only thing your able to say. This car is not just nice, its WOW nice. Plus this is avery unique car, I mean how often do you see 1967 BuickSkylarks ?Chevelles, GTO's, 442'sare allgorgeous cars, but you go to a car show, you see so many you get tired of looking at them, this is unique, people will walk up to it at a car show and say " Its been years since I've seen one of them ".Hemi's, SS396's, 442's are nice as well,but hunting for 93 octane or having your car melt down in rush hour traffic aren't fun.And unlike a Hemi,SS396, etc thisis a great road trip car. Wanna have family bonding time ? How cool would that be to throw the family in the back seat and spend a weekend cruising Route 66 ? That would beAmazing! Your kids would remember that forever.Also unlike Nova's, Mustangs, Camaro's,etc this has a lot of room, full size adults will actually fit in the back seat with room to spare. Trunk space, you've got enough room for all your luggage and the family next door !

What I really love about this car is thatits completely stock, essentially a sleeper muscle car, but if you get the urge to get a little wild, spend 10 minutes in the garage, remove the fender skirts, install cragars or Torq Thrusts and it automatically acquires thatbad boy look.

Ever want to have a romantic night on the town with your wife ? Sometimesthe mini van just doesn't cut it and your 55 chevy with thatrump rump idleand that rattlein the back window that you onlyhear whenit shifts, just doesn'tcut it. This is a Luxury Muscle car, your wife wouldLOVE to go on a date in this car. If I was you, I would buy this carand before she knows you've gotit, say hunny how about a date night. You back that car out of the garage, the sunsparkling off everything in sight, she will be speechless.

A lot ofwives/sons/daughters have a interest in cars, but really don't know anything about them. So something that constantly needs carburetor tuning, rattles fixed, wiring worked on, really have no appeal to them. This car is so nice and so dependable it would be a excellent candidate to get for somebody like that. A couple trips to the local drive in on cruise night and they'll be hooked. It'll start with little things like asking you to show them how to change oil or air cleaner, then the next weekhelping you rebuild a motor in your 1932 roadster, to possibly a full on old car fanatic.

This has av8 with a automatic. Itfires up instantly,runs great and is a blast to drive. It also has Air Conditioning for those hot summer days.It doesn't have squeaks or rattles. It doesn'tdo the shimmy or shake or anything like that.It doesn't mark its territory everywhere you park. This genuinely is just a nice car. I wasn't exaggerating about the WOW part earlier.If timemachines existed, after looking at this car, youwould literally think you went back and time andjust drove and are lookingat a new car.The body and chrome sparkle so much it was hard to take pictures of it. The interior is so nice it looks like it just rolled off the assembly line.This car is just WOW ! If you have any questions call me 701-471-3376

I know a lot of truckers, if you need help with transportation ask me.

I expect a $1000 deposit within 24 hours after the auction ends. I expect the balance paid within 48 hours after the auction ends. Call me about payment options. I would like the car picked up within 30 days after the auction ends.

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