Black BMW 545i 2005

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San Jose, California, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: BMW
Model: 5-Series
Year: 2005
Mileage: 146,000
VIN: WBANB33535CN63989
Vehicle Title: Clear

2005 BMW 5-Series

The car works actually fine itself but the sensor has minor issues explainedbelow:
1-Power steering light is on.
2-Break Light is on
3-1 rear parking sensor is "broken"
Description of each problem below
1-I changed the battery and immediately after I did the light went on for it's power steering. I haven't noticed any change in driving performance since the battery was changed. The car place I went to, when I replaced it's vanos(can't recall which vano's part) could not reset it. They told me it could be the battery needed to be programmed or it needed new alignment.
2- I changed the breaks and rotors but did not replace the sensor. So it still think it needs break pads changed. I haven't bothered fixing it.
3- I rear-ended somebody and the rear parking sensor was pushed into the back bumper. There is also now an area with chipped paint.
4- Check engine light came on just before i left. I personally have no knowledge pertaining to that issue. Sometimes that's due to the gas cap being improperly tightenedwhen getting gas or a bad gas cap. If you drive it for a bit less than 50 miles and it goes away. It's typically due to that.

Methods to verify my claims
1- You can drive it and see how much effort it takes to move the stering wheel. If it takes a lot of effort power steering actually has a fault. If it's very natural/not a struggle to do it's actual working fine.
2- Test out the breaks. If the breaks are bad you should feel a good amount of stutter when trying to break and it wouldn't be "gentle".
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