2001 Audi S8 BBS CHR146 Wheels Supersprint Exhaust Bilstein Lemforder Suspension

US $11,500.00
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Ooltewah, Tennessee, United States

Features and Specifications

Make: Audi
Model: S8
Type: Sedan
Year: 2001
Mileage: 138,000
VIN: WAUGU54D31N008270
Color: Ebony Pearl Effect Metallic
Engine: 4.2 liter DOHC 5 valves per cylinder
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: AWD
Interior color: Ecru
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed

2001 Audi S8

Note:"Included in sale are $2000 (have receipts) worth of brand new parts: Front and rear Bilstein HD struts and shocks, Lemforder strut mounts, spring pads, rare rear OEM $$$ shock mounts, rear OEM spring pads, all 10 Lemforder front suspension pieces, expensive rear OEM control arms, both front OEM ZF CV joint seals plus both OEM GKN inner boots (outer replaced by dealer) and few more parts..."
I'm also including $200 OEM front left window regulator assembly. The window is still operating but it got slow and noisy. More than likely I'll have that replced in next few days.
"If you're interested in this car please check often as I'm adding more info to answer some questions"
So, why I'm selling it?
I was afraid I'd miss E39 and it came true. I sold my beloved manual 540 that I've owned for 13 years and bought my secret desire: Audi S8 D2. While I love the car and it's faster and more sophisticated than my 540, I simply miss rowing my own gears and near 50/50 balance of E39.
About me: (If you don't believe in buying the owner as much as the car than you probably don't need to bother with the rest of ad)
I've maintained my own 3 BMW's for years and I dare to say that I'm really decent mechanic. I have lift, special tools, correct manuals etc.... When I bought Audi I immediately purchased Bentley CD repair manual and added Audi option to my AutoEnginuity scan tool.So everything I've done has been done correctly and with proper torque values etc...
This is extremely rare Audi S8 D2 and I won't waste words like dealers like to do by describing countless generic phrases while no facts presented. Instead, I'll concentrate with what really matters: Actual condition and records which this car has from day one.
I'm waiting for weather to improve so I can take the most current pictures but all of ones presented are pretty much only a month or 2 old.
I've had 2 complaints with look of the car when I bought it and I resolved both by adding some really nice goodies: wheels and exhaust.
While I liked the OEM wheels they were somewhat tired and I didn't like the wheel well space. I've done my homework and realized that 18x8.5" BBS CHR 146 wheels are direct fit with no spacers needed. I've confirmed this with BBS and took advantage of slightly wider wheels over stock (18.5" vs 18") to go with 255/45/18 vs OEM 245/45/18.Another considerable of these wheels is the weight and strength: 23 lbs vs 29 lbs OEM. These are one piece flow formed vs OEM cast which is considerably stronger. For those who understand about unsprung weight, 6 lbs is huge in terms of handling.I've used correct tire calculator and there is no effect on AWD while car looks much better with beefier tires filling the wheel well better. I had option to go with 255/40/18 but those look somewhat too small.After some research I went with General G-Max AS-05 which is all season ultra high performance tire with 500AA threadwear and A temp. If you know your tires than you know that AA is the highest rattingpossible.I've also bought brand new BBS lug bolts and correct rings for perfect fit.
Exhaust was easy solution: I did not like the look of tiny OEM exhaust tips and Supersprint looks really good and sound is very deep.
In my service and repairs I've exclusively used genuine Audi parts or well known brands: Bilstein, Lemforder, NGK, Victor Reinz etc...Absolutely no inferior parts used.
Just completed transmission service with ZF Filtran filter, ZF pan gasket and 6 liters of synthetic Liqui Moly Top Tec 1200 (ZF approved fluid which I've also used 2 years ago on my X5 which has same ZF 5HP24A transmission). There was no issues with transmission to start with and fluid was dirty but not burnt, but I do not believe in lifetime fluid fairy tales.
I truly prefer for a potential buyer to inspect car personally since that is the only way to realize how good this car is. I've seen plenty "excellent" cars in pictures and then you see them in person and you want to run fast.
This car spent it's life in southern state and it was mostly garaged. When I went to look for one I didn't want the northern car even though this is all aluminum "Audi Space frame". People forget about the effect on paint, undercarriage etc.. when car is driven in winter and coated in brine.
When I bought it few months ago I was aware of 2 issues on Carfax: rebuilt title and mileage inconsistency.Mileage is simple to explain as clerical error. When you look at the numbers it's obvious (I have Carfax) and especially the fact that Audi certified this car as CPO after the mileage issue. No dealer on the Earth would do that if there were some real issues.The rebuilt title is puzzling: Car was in minor accident in 2011 and was driven from scene and then it got rebuilt title. I was lucky enough to actually meet the owner which was older gentleman with plenty of means.He pretty much confirmed what I suspected: He basically got shafted by insurance company but he liked the car so much that he kept it. The car was droped of at Audi dealer and it was repaired by one of 2 only repair shops in state certified to do aluminum body repair.There lies the reason I prefer the buyer to inspect the car personally before handing over the money: You simply can't find any repair signs. The paint is perfect, body is straight etc...
Mechanically, it's in near 100% condition. Only present issue is minor leaks on both front CV joint seals. I have both OEM seals but I wanted to complete front suspension at the same time in order not to repeat unnecessary labor.When you start it cold there are no noises. When I did VC covers I inspected the the top and there was no wear on lobes and no crude whatsoever. Often syntetic oil changes and car constantly being driven did the trick.The handling and braking are amazing with no noises or issues. Car really pulls hard from any rpms and it's scary quite at high speeds.If this was was 6 speed manual you wouldn't be reading this ad but I'm well aware that that is a major effort in cost and time.
When I purchased it, I did thorough interior cleaning and condition leather with Sonax leather conditioner. In addition, my friend that buffs my BMW's spent about all day claying, waxing and polishing exterior. Paint was in extremely good condition to start with but he really brought it to another level.
In addition to what I've mentioned in notes here are some big items done by dealer: New OEM battery and front brakes just done prior to my purchase. Also, oil / cooler exchange pipe, complete new headliner and sunvisors (big $$$) which pretty much speaks that owner prior to me (older gentleman that I've met) spared no expense.Complete blower motor assembly, numerous synthetic oil changes and quite a few other things.
So, it's simple really:If you thing this car is overpriced, go after one of those northern "original" ones with 5 owners, no records and who knows what.Or maybe you agree with me and value condition and service records over title.
Included in sale are: 2 working keys, owners manual with original $78k MSRP sale sheet which has all options listed, rare Bentley manual on CD, OEM carpet mats, OEM front licence holder plate, custom Covercraft sunshade, unopened 5 liter jug of OEM purple coolant, unopened three 1 liter bottles of Liqui Moly synthetic 75W-90 GLL-4 gear oil, touch up paint and clearcoat and I'm probably forgetting few things.I don't know what else to add other than adding more pictures and answering any questions.
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